Sweet Emote-tion Release - Update 1: February 11th, 2020

Emote System minor change

We wanted a way to stop an emote from looping without having to physically move your avatar or click a menu, so we changed how the shortcuts behave.

  • Emote shortcuts will now toggle an emote on and off rather than restart the emote
    • First shortcut press will start the emote, second will stop it
    • Can still chain emotes together by pressing different shortcuts in sequence

New Character Animation API

This will allow creators to set up objects in their worlds to play animations on players. This can be used for a wide range of things; dance floors which make people dance automatically, sword and shield which animate appropriately when picked up, etc. We can’t wait to see what you guys do with this!

  • A new CharacterAnimation resource type can be added to script and will appear in the Scene Editor. These will filter to emotes owned by the creator. These can also be used inside of Lists.
  • A new CharacterComponent now exists on Objects associated with Agents. These can be retrieved using the Object’s TryGetFirstComponent() method.
  • CharacterComponent contains several methods for interacting with animations for characters:
    • CharacterComponent.PlayAnimation - Allows a CharacterAnimation to be played on a character. These can be either AnimationPlaybackMode.Loop or AnimationPlaybackMode.PlayOnce, they can play on the full skeleton or on a subset (the upper body), and at a user-provided playback speed.
    • CharacterComponet.StopAnimations - Allows a scripter to stop animations on a character. This can stop emotes or stop animations played from CharacterComponent.PlayAnimation.
    • CharacterComponent.UsingFemaleSkeleton - Allows a scripter to know if the character has a female skeleton so corresponding animations can be used.
    • CharacterComponent.UsingMaleSkeleton - Allows a scripter to know if the character has a male skeleton so corresponding animations can be used.
  • Client.InVrAndHandsActive - A new flag on the client object to tell if the user is in Vr and has hands tracking. This will aid knowing if an animation should be played on a character. Scripters might opt out of playing an animation on a user who is in VR.

Backpack Content Updates

Some new toys to play with thanks to the COMET program participants, have fun!

  • Baseball
  • Baseball bat

Fixed Issues

  • Quest log no longer appears on login if there are no active quests
  • Instance picker text issue
  • Character editor crash
  • Edit mode crash when undoing an operation
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