Comets Event Program



Program Summary:

The COMET - Community Events Team, called Comets, will work as a team to create a regular community-driven event cadence in Sansar. Throughout the pilot program, Comets will be given Missions that they have to accomplish in order to earn points. If they succeed in their Missions they will be given various incentives as a group, and also work to earn incentives for all users.

Mission & Pilot Incentive Structure:

  • Weekly Core Missions: easiest missions that happen every week
  • Bi-Weekly Epic Mission: moderate missions that happen every two weeks
  • Monthly Legendary Mission: difficult missions that happen once a month
  • Mythical Mission: a very difficult mission that will span the entire pilot program

Program Support:

In addition to creating the program, Galileo and Lacie will also arrange for the Comets to have a staff support network:

  • Weekly feedback meetings for Comets for Euro and US time zones
  • Event Sansar dollar stipend of S$1000/week per user which must be used for event prizes and must be gifted to the winners during the scheduled event time or to help enhance their World for the event (ie: you buy a microphone for a concert)
    • Comets are welcome to use their own Sansar dollars for prizes
  • Promotional support that may include social media posts, the event being featured, Discord announcements


  • Comets are expected to sign a Wookey general NDA to participate
  • Comets are expected to be exemplary community members by behaving like a leader/role model and avoiding unnecessary or malicious confrontation in the Community.
  • Comets are program volunteers that represent Sansar
    • They should never request personal information and they should never imply that they are Wookey Employees
  • Comets operate as a team to earn points and complete missions
  • Comets may be removed from the program at Sansar staff’s will
  • Events may not overlap
  • Missions must be completed by midnight PST of the due date
  • Inactive Comets will be given one warning via private Discord message before being removed from the program, Pilot will have the opportunity to take “Time off
    • Time off should be reported to Sansar staff via private Discord message
    • Comets on Time off will not earn Comets rewards during their Time off
    • Pilot Subject to removal per the discretion of the lab for extended periods of absence

Mission Calendar for 1st Month:

Legendary Mission

  • Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes: There cannot be more than 24 hours that go by with a Pilot-lead Event happening in Sansar. (Comets get 2 lapses before Mission is failed) 

Core Missions: Week 1 (Filling up the calendar)

  • From Here to Timbuktu: Hold at least one evening event in the PST, EST, and CET timezones 
  • Five-Alarm Chili: Hold 5 Pilot-lead events
  • Hosts with the Mosts: 3 Different Comets must host events

Core Missions: Week 2 (Promoting events)

  • A Little Bird Told Me: Create a Twitter graphic and promote 3 events via Twitter and Discord
  • Video Killed the Radio Star: Create 2 videos during an event at least 30 seconds in length to promote an upcoming event OR 2 videos that show highlights of an event that already took place
  • Ma, I’m on TV!: Livestream 2 events on YouTube and/or Twitch

Epic Mission

  • With Your Powers Combined: Create a 2-hour event that has a game, a musician/performance, and a general community chat time, the event must be live-streamed, promoted on social and Discord, and a promo video or sizzle reel video must be created. 

Core Missions: Week 3 (Event diversity)

  • 3 Scoops Neapolitan: Hold events with three distinct flavors - ex: one game, one performance, and one movie night 
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Hold 3 events, each having a different length: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
  • Boldly Go Where No Event Has Gone Before: Hold 3 events in Worlds that have not been used in the Pilot program up to this point

Core Missions: Week 4 (Event interactivity)

  • Would You Like to Play a Game: Half of the events thrown this week must be Gametimes (play any game in Sansar)
  • Show Me the Money: Use your Sansar stipend to create an interactive challenge in-world
  • Jump in the Line, Rock Your Body in Time: Create a 30-person (minimum) long conga-line and dance around the World for at least the length of Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” (3m39s)

Epic Mission

  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Create a 2-hour themed event that has a musical performance and competition/game happening at the same time. The event must be live-streamed, promoted on social and Discord, and a promo video or sizzle reel video must be created.

Signup + More: 

To sign up + be considered to participate in the Comets Program, please fill out the following form:

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