Rediscover the Party Release - December 10th, 2019

Don’t call it a comeback! We’ve got some new looks and old classics coming back to Sansar in the Rediscover the Party Release. We’ve made some discovery changes based on user feedback and also made it easier to get the party started in Sansar. You know how Ariel sang “I wanna be where the people are…”? Before, Ariel would have had a hard time in Sansar. That’s not the case any longer! 

Without any further ado -- here’s what’s new:

Improved Codex functionality

  • The codex now contains all functionality found in the Prime Portal! You will now be able to access all Worlds from wherever you are without having to return to the Nexus!
  • Users can now see events in the “Discover” section of the Codex 

We (and you) found that after the change to make the Prime Portal in the Nexus the hub of all travel we noticed that it was actually much more difficult and confusing, especially for newer players, to find new interesting and populated Worlds to explore. 

We’re bringing back the old view which we used to call the Atlas; where all published Worlds were always available from the Explore menu. There’s no longer a requirement to travel to the Nexus and interact with the Prime Portal in order to find new Worlds to explore and people to meet.

Quest Log 

  • Now defaults to closed after login
  • Will now open automatically upon accepting a quest

We had elected to automatically open the Quest Log upon login in an attempt to keep players focused on questing -- however, the constant popup and requirement to dismiss the menu ended up being more of a nuisance than an aid.


  • An event’s details page now shows how many people are ‘Interested’ in joining

It wasn’t clear how popular an event was going to be until it started and started to pick up steam. Now players can see how popular an event might be well before it begins!

World Creation

  • Object Structure panel is now expanded by default

It was simply annoying and unnecessary to leave the Object Structure collapsed after selecting a new object; you always had to open it anyways. So we’ve just removed that extra click from your routine! 


  • Materials API
    • Can now control material properties from script

This has been an internal want and user-requested feature for ages. It allows creators to have more control over the appearance of their Worlds and allows for much more interactive elements to be created more efficiently. 


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