Monstercat Safari Challenge (Nov 20-Dec 16)


CHALLENGE: Create Monstercat-themed items for the Sansar store. Wearables, clothes, accessories, emotes, or whatever you can imagine and create.

- You may submit up to 3 items to the Challenge
- To submit -- tag Monstercat (one word) on the Sansar Store, if you create a World for Monstercat, DM Galileo the link to your World
- You can create Clothing, Accessories, Emotes, Avatars, Worlds, and 3D Models for this Challenge
- Challenge begins 11/19, Challenge Ends on 12/16/2019 11PM PST
- First prize: Monstercat Gold subscription for 3 months + Monstercat Merch Pack and VIP tix to Monstercat shows
- Second prize: 1500 Sansar Dollars + Monstercat Gold subscription for 3 months
- Third prize, Fourth, Fifth: 1000 Sansar Dollars + Monstercat Gold sub for 3 months
- Every item submitted will be added to the Monstercat Collection and promoted via the Sansar store
- Monstercat staff/DJs will be judging the prizes based on:
-- Uniqueness (is the item a new or rare offering in the Sansar Store)
-- Quality (how complex was it to make the item)
-- Theme (how well does the item match the theme)

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