The Party Won't Stop Release - Update 2: November 11th, 2019

What’s new?


  • The Backpack
      • Players can now open a backpack and spawn items directly into the world at runtime.
      • The current library of items players can spawn is limited to a small collection of six Sansar Studios created toys.
      • The Backpack will be enabled in all worlds by default.
        • Creators can choose to enable or disable the Backpack in their worlds by changing the Scene Settings > Backpack > Item Source setting.
  • Basic Valve Index support
      • Headset and Controller tracking is now supported
        • Finger tracking is not yet supported
  • Homespace
    • Updated the sign and portal to the Nexus.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the preview state of the three/four layer shader so it properly displays the blending of the textures

  • Fixed QuestGiverTrigger so it correctly offers a quest to users who had previously been offered the quest

  • Fixed a crash when opening certain worlds to edit, or when adding certain inventory items to a world while editing.

  • Fixed an issue causing Avatars to spin wildly after minimizing the client while grabbing an object using the `Aim at Cursor` feature

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