Level Up with the Latest Release - Update 8: October 10, 2019

New features

  • Quest makers can now add item rewards on quests. Learn more
  • New settings options
    • Starting World - Don’t like landing in the Nexus? You can choose where you enter Sansar when you log in. You may choose one of the following as a starting world: The Nexus, the home space, or the avatar lookbook.
    • Avatar info on select - choose whether or not names and action buttons appear when hovering over a user. This is useful for filmmakers.
    • Learn more
  • New Script APIs
    • AgentPrivate.IgnoresCollisionWith(RigidBodyComponent) - Specifies that a particular user will ignore collisions with a particular body. Additionally, some interactions like sitting, camera collision, and teleporting coming from that user will also ignore the body.
    • AgentPrivate.IsCollisionIgnoredWith(RigidBodyComponent) - Returns whether a specified RigidBodyComponent has been set to be ignored by the Agent.
    • AgentPrivate.SetSpeedFactor(float) - An agent can now have a multiplier applied to its movement speed from script. This will also affect locomotion animations to prevent foot sliding.
    • AgentPrivate.GetSpeedFactor()Returns the applied speed multiplication factor. Will return 1.0f by default.
  • Improved camera adjustments when teleporting.
  • Added options when interacting with portals:
    • Walk to portals to bring up the world details panel and chose to visit the world.
    • You can still click on portals to open the world details page.


  • Objects containing any script from the Sansar Script library could not be sold. Creators can now sell items containing scripts from the library.
  • Some mixamo animations produced poor body rotations on the user’s avatar.
  • Scene object container components should now display the expected container name when viewed from the editable properties panel.


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