Level Up with the Latest Release - Update 2: September 13, 2019


  • New options to control what Trigger Volumes can collide with have been added.
  • Fixed some bugs.

What's new: 

  • New options to control what Trigger Volumes can collide with have been added.
    • Trigger Volumes now have the option to collide with Avatars and Dynamic Bodies only. This can be a significant performance improvement when colliding against Keyframe bodies is not required.
    • Trigger Volumes that already exist in-world will retain the current behavior.
    • Behavior Change: The new default setting for trigger volumes starts as “Avatars and Dynamic Bodies” 
  • Avatars should run at an equal speed again no matter the scale size. 
  • Fixed several crash issues caused by:
    • Exiting the avatar editor from discarding skin or eye color changes
    • Attempting to load avatars from the first time avatar selection carousel.
    • When an avatar is selected from the lookbook after discarding changes while the face highlight is active.
    • When trying to save a new quest.
    • When completing a quest objective.
    • When verifying a new email account that is also tied to a Sansar steam account.
  • Fixed issues:
    • The scroll functionality on custom avatars was broken and would only show up to a certain number of rows. You should be able to see all your custom avatars across multiple rows.
    • Avatars in VR should no longer wobble back and forth while navigating worlds. 
    • Rotating the default avatar’s eyelids should no longer affect the avatar’s blinking animation.
    • The collision capsule of crouched avatars should now shrink as expected.
    • Various avatar face animation issues should now be fixed.
    • The undo button in the avatar editor should now revert previous face preset slider settings.
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