Level Up with the Latest Release - Update 1: September 6, 2019

Sansar's XP went up with these improvements:

  • Fixed several crash issues caused by:
    • Equipping a custom avatar, then heading to an experience. 
    • The Zen Garden world, which had issues tied to scripted sounds. 
  • Voice and face animations were broken if the windows username has UTF characters. Users who were affected by this should now be able to see other users' mouths move and will now be audible to other users.
  • Quest.setstate() should now work as expected. Previously, re-setting the quest state to Quest.setState(cOffered) did not change it to the offered state. 
  • Some Nexus quest objectives could not be completed without reloading the Nexus multiple times. This should allow users to complete the quest without having to reload the world. 
  • Previously, the avatar import panel was missing the "Materials..." option. This is now fixed and will allow creators to add textures to their avatars during import.
  • Users should no longer get stuck on an "Assembling look" loading panel when the "Wear it now" option is used from a toast notification. 
  • Unsupported 1.0 animations rigged against the mixamo 1.0 skeleton can no longer be imported.
  • Existing 1.0 mixamo animations in the inventory should no longer play in a corrupted state, which caused the animation to appear distorted or broken. 
  • The 'input arrays do not have matching counts' import error message has been updated with clearer text: “This item is missing information on the avatar skeleton. Please ensure that the skeleton data is included.”
  • Removed some UV seams on some avatars.
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