Keyboard shortcuts (styling your avatar)

Controls for avatar customization

Action buttons

Use these controls when editing objects placed in a scene:

  • CTRL + Z: Undo
  • CTRL + Y: Redo

 To change views around the avatar:

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel: Zoom in / away from the avatar.
  • Press on the left / right mouse button: Turn the avatar clockwise / counter-clockwise.

Use these controls when modifying the face of a default avatar in the Face tab:

  • Press W: Switch to Translate, which allows you to move the highlighted area up, down, front, back, left and right. 
  • Press E: Switch to Rotate, which allows you to rotate the highlighted area in different directions. Note that rotate has been disabled for some highlighted face parts.
  • Press R: Switch to Scale, which allows you to resize the highlighted area bigger or smaller.

Use these controls when adjusting a Marvelous designer item:

  • Click on the clothing and hold the Left Mouse Button: Grab a point of the clothing and move it around.
  • Click on a zipper tab on a MD clothing and hold the Left Mouse Button: Pull the zipper up/down the zipper line to open or close the zipper. 
  • Click the Middle Mouse Button while holding the Left Mouse Button: Place a pin to hold the point in place even after releasing the point. . Pins stay in place permanently until they are removed, even after you finish customizing your avatar.
  • Click on the pin locations with the Middle Mouse Button: Remove pins individually.
  • Click W+Left Mouse Button: Remove all pins on the item or items that are being adjusted.

Other controls:

  • CTRL + T: Open the chat window to message friends. Nearby chat is disabled. 
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