Level Up with the Latest Release - September 3, 2019

What’s new

  • Avatar 2.0 has arrived
  • Dive deep into Sansar Lore w/ new quests and content
  • Take a tour of The Nexus
  • Discover brand new worlds with your Codex

A new you with Avatar 2.0 and new changes

  • Time for a new makeover with the new Avatar 2.0 customization system, featuring extensive face customization capabilities with our new bone deformation tools and new sliders with blend morphing capabilities.
  • All new male and female avatars with a more refined skeleton structure that supports the new bone deformation system.
  • New skin and eye texture choices to deck out your avatars!
  • Introducing face presets to use on your avatar or use as a base to start from when customizing your face.
  • You can also save your the faces you’ve created as face presets in your inventory for easy access. Play around with it to your heart’s content. In the future, you will be able to sell the presets you’ve created in the store.
  • New Marvelous Designer clothing AND accessories transformation tools that enable you to move, scale and rotate MD clothing and accessory items to make it fit on your avatar better.
  • All the saved looks, custom avatars, rigged clothing and rigged hair in your inventory prior to this update will no longer be usable and have been removed from your inventory.
  • All users will be required to create new avatars upon logging in to Sansar.
  • All 1.0 MD clothing, accessories, and emotes are still available in your inventory.
  • Adjusted the MD floor to 0cm vs 5cm below the floor.
  • Some added notes:
    • We are working towards releasing updated skeleton files with textures and cleaner blender files soon! In the meantime, you can start creating content for avatar 2.0 using the files we have on the Avatar reference files page.
    • The Sansar skeleton and skinning details page has been updated with info on avatar 2.0 since last week.
    • The ability to rename and/or change an inventory item’s thumbnail is currently not available. We are working to bring this back as soon as possible.
    • The Sansar skeleton integrated in Marvelous Designer is not yet up-to-date. This will be updated later this month. In the meantime, MD creators should import the Sansar full resolution fbx file in Marvelous Designer.

Explore worlds with the Codex

  • The Codex replaces the Atlas as a navigation tool. Worlds you discover through the Prime Portal are recorded in The Nexus.
    • Worlds will be added to your Codex once you visit it for the first time.
    • Worlds that were set to be visible on the Atlas will be visible on the Prime Portal. Meanwhile, worlds that were kept private or hidden will stay hidden based on the worlds’ original access controls.
    • You can still access worlds by sharing links in Chat, or using Portals found in worlds or shared by others.
  • W-O-R-L-D-S. You’ve heard that right! We are now changing the term experiences with worlds. Please expect some old references to experiences as we gradually change the terminology within the Sansar UI and related documentation.


  • The new XP system will track all XP earned from Sansar storyline quests, up to a level cap of 8.
  • Get started on the Sansar Quests by first completing the updated Tutorial Quest offered after login.
  • Quests continue into The Nexus, including revamped quests moved from the Social Hub which have been reset for all users. Complete the quests to earn XP and new items.

Store updates

  • All MD clothing, accessories, and emotes item listings will remain listed on the store.
  • All custom avatars, rigged clothing and rigged hair listed on the store have been de-listed and are no longer visible in the store.
    • If you are a creator with this type of content, you can re-list the item back on the store if you update the listing with a 2.0 item.
    • We highly encourage users who purchased any avatar-related content to check the listing pages of the items you’ve purchased regularly to check if there are updated items.
  • All store content with 1.0 avatar items (custom avatars, rigged hair, rigged clothing, MD clothing, accessories, emotes) will be eligible for a one time upgrade option so that you can update your listings with a 2.0 compatible item if desired.
  • Users who purchased custom avatars, rigged clothing and rigged hair will be given a refund for past purchases. Please expect some Sansar Dollars to be sent your way soon!

The Story and The Nexus

  • With this release, we’re rolling out a Sansar backstory that serves as a framework for initial quests and our multifaceted virtual world.
    • Meet Agent Primus at The Nexus to start your quest and earn rewards!
  • Introducing The Nexus, a new central hub where players can perform quests, earn rewards, and learn more about the story. At its core lies the Prime Portal, which acts as the gateway into worlds in the Sansar multiverse.

Script updates

  • The maximum parameters allowed has been increased from 20 to 50.
  • Http Requests can now be up to 64k and 20/sec.
  • Added ObjectUp, ObjectDown, ObjectForward, ObjectBack, ObjectLeft and ObjectRight to Vector.
  • Minor Quest API updates for objective states.
  • Library scripts were updated with improved debugging capabilities and new features in the Light, Hint Text, Hotkey, Interaction and Position Reset scripts.
  • See Script API updates for more information.

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Avatars were able to jump onto and stand on slopes that are way steeper than they should be allowed to stand on or jump off of.
  • Clicking and dragging the VR color selector in the VR color box would revert the color back to what you originally selected.
  • Quests could not be deleted through the quest creator tool.
  • Not all panels open in VR mode would reappear when switching to desktop mode.
  • Using the same script multiple times in a scene would cause weird behavior.
  • Using the VR controller to scroll the Atlas would render the scroll event to randomly stop.
  • The XBOX controller right trigger would not cancel the active teleport beam.


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