Welcome to the Nexus

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes for Sansar, and we’re finally ready to share a preview of what you can expect in the next release!




The Nexus

Dive deep into Sansar lore. We've developed a Sansar backstory that serves as a framework for initial quests and our multifaceted virtual world. This story will be unveiled over time through a series of quests beginning with Agent Primus in the Nexus. The Nexus is a central hub where players can perform quests, earn rewards, and learn more about the story. At its heart is a flow of data focusing into the Prime Portal from which you can access the entire Sansar multiverse! 


The Codex

As you explore Sansar, the Codex is a new menu tool you’ll be able to use to travel to worlds you have previously visited. Once you’ve visited a world for the first time, it will be added to your Codex. For those already well-traveled among you, we’ll be seeding your Codex with your recently visited worlds from the past few months. To discover new worlds, head to the Prime Portal in the Nexus, which will have all the functionality of the old Atlas. You can also still travel to new worlds by sharing links in Chat, and using Portals found in world or shared by others. If somebody can send you a link, you can go there!


Avatar 2.0

The new Avatar 2.0 customization system introduces revamped avatar skeletons and powerful, new face customization capabilities. However, once the new system is released, all rigged clothing, hair, and custom and base avatars using the original avatar skeleton will no longer be usable. To support creators during this transition, we will also give creators one opportunity per affected store listing to update their listings with Avatar 2.0-compatible content. Emotes, accessories and Marvelous Designer clothing created using the original skeleton will still work. To support MD clothing and accessories further, we are also adding in new tools to enable you to move and scale MD clothing and accessories to better fit the new avatars. You can read more about the details at New avatars. New possibilities


XP System

We’ll be introducing an experience points system that will track your progress throughout Sansar. To start, you can earn XP from completing quests first offered in the Nexus, up to a level cap of 8. In the future we’ll be adding in other ways to earn XP, including opening up the system for creators to offer it as a reward for their own quests.


This is just the beginning, there’s still a lot more to come in later releases that we aren’t quite ready to share with you yet. We plan on expanding our quest tools, avatar customization options, events features, and much more. Come join us during our weekly Product Meetup on Thursday, August 22nd at 11am PT to ask any questions you have about our upcoming release. 

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