A Release Called Quest: Update 2 - August 7, 2019

New features

  • New ability to list hidden items in the store. This means that the item’s details page is accessible through link sharing, but the item will not be searchable nor appear on the grid. You can utilize this to give away free items to select users, use it for scripted interactions, or use it as a way to give your users updates.
  • New user interface for the quest log. Check out the revamped quest panel.
  • Quest creators can now address quest takers directly in their quests. You can use {Player.Name} token in your quest and objective definitions to have that be replaced with player’s name. For example, when authoring your quest, you can specify this in quest creator tool: “Greetings {Player.Name} to my mysterious quest!”
  • New "Visibility" simple script in the ScriptAPI folder within the Sansar install folder. Go to Sansar > Client > ScriptApi > Examples > ScriptLibrary > Scene > ScriptLibrary.json.
    • Note: this is currently not integrated in the Scene Editor. You will have to import it in Sansar yourself. 


Fixed the following issues:

  • Several crashes caused by the following:
    • The quest app crashes if a user has accepted a quest that has a URL in its description. The client then crashes after that account logs in, which blocks access to the account.
    • When adjusting Marvelous Designer clothing in avatar editing mode.
  • A “list this item” issue required a description to be added post-store image upload.
  • A scripted object containing a resource parameter in an array became unlicensed after scene load.
  • If a user completes the final objective for a quest with item rewards, the quest would grant the rewards before the user selects the Complete Quest from the quest completion modal.
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