Get Started: Avatar 2.0 Creator Program

Avatar 2.0 is coming. Here’s how you can get ready.

We’re just a month away from the official launch of Avatar 2.0, and we want to make sure creators like you have ample time to prepare.That’s why we’re releasing our Avatar 2.0 skeleton early - to give you all of August to optimize your content. Click here to get access! 

But that’s not all.

Starting today, you’ll also be able to submit any avatar items you create against the new skeleton to the Sansar team for an official review. These include: full avatars, rigged clothing, hair, MD clothing, emotes, and accessories. 

Click here to access and bookmark our submission portal! The step-by-step guide on the submission process can be found here.

Once we’ve received your assets, we’ll test them in Sansar and provide feedback on any issues we see. We’ll be reviewing at least 2-4 items from every creator who reaches out, so keep in mind that we will only review additional items once everyone has had their turn.

Amazing changes are coming to Sansar, and we want you to take advantage of them all.

Submit your items today!

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