A Richer World Release: Update 2 & 3 - July 3, 2019

New features:

  • New support for the Valve Index controllers. Note: we currently do not support the Valve Index headset. Learn more about the Valve Index controls.
  • Creators can now create and view notes for each of the experiences they own using the new MEMO feature on the My Experiences panel. Learn more about Experience Memos.
  • New updates on the People panel. The buttons available have been updated so that you can access the block/unblock and muting features more easily. We also cleaned up some inactive buttons to reduce clutter.
  • New updates on the Chat panel. You can now send gifts and block/unblock users through the Chat panel. 
  • New script API for per user gravity factor, which allows scripts to define the gravity factor for individual users.
  • Fixed a crash in the character editor when discarding changes immediately after adjusting clothing.

Fixed issues: 

  • Fixed various server crashes.
  • Fixed crashes caused by selecting ‘wear it now’ on a custom from the store.
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