New avatars. New possibilities.

Each and every day, all of us at Sansar are inspired by our community’s boundless imagination. Which is why we’re we’re so very thrilled to finally be sharing Avatar 2.0 with you all: an evolution in the avatar system you know and love, and one that’ll allow even greater levels of creativity and self-expression!

Coming in September, Avatar 2.0 will offer the following:

  • A brand new system for customization, supporting everything from bone deformation tools to sliders with blendmorphing capabilities.
  • A complete overhaul of our base avatars - all to give you a more refined skeleton structure to play with.
  • Support for all the same facial expressions, and more lifelike mouth movement.
  • All-new style and skin textures to give your avatars a completely different feel.
  • The ability to play with and save face presets by utilizing the bone deformation and blendmorphing capabilities. This paves the way for selling face presets later.

Because Avatar 2.0 relies on a new base avatar, we will no longer be able to support the current base avatar once Avatar 2.0 is released. However: to ease the transition, we’ll be giving our community access to the skeleton starting in August, so you guys have the chance to re-rig your avatar content!

Once the new skeleton is available, we will also be kicking off a new program where our creators can share their re-rigged content with us for review and feedback. We’ll share more details on this as they become available.

How this change will impact you in the meantime:

  • All custom and base avatars using the Avatar 1.0 skeleton will no longer be usable. This will affect all avatars in the inventory and any saved avatar looks.
  • Avatars, rigged hair, and rigged clothing will be removed from the inventory and from the store.
  • Marvelous Designer clothing, accessories, and emotes will still be accessible on the store and in your inventory!
  • Instead of creating entirely new listings, we will also give creators one opportunity per affected store listing to update their listings with Avatar 2.0-compatible content.

We know there may be some bumps in the road during this rollout, but we’re confident that this new system will pave the way for even greater creativity and customization in the future, along with exciting possibilities for revenue - say, for instance, the ability to create and sell face presets, textures, and full avatars!

For more information, check out our Avatar 2.0 FAQ.

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