A Richer World Release - June 26, 2019

The world of Sansar is changing. Suddenly you wake up to find that you can gift (and be gifted) more than ever. The Sansar dollars practically spill through your fingertips as you throw them to your friends. But lo, what’s that? The world is talking to you now, too? Don’t worry, this isn’t some animism cult, we’ve just got some brand-new spanking features for you in this latest release which we’re calling A Richer World.

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect:

New features

  • Gifts are now adjustable in increments of 100, or you can enter in an amount directly. Gifts are capped at a maximum of 9999 Sansar Dollars each.
  • New filters in the avatar editor that enables users to show male, female or all clothing in the inventory. This allows users to wear male clothing on female avatars and vice versa. 


  • Chat improvements - less lag when joining an experience with a long chat backscroll.
  • More stable voice server connections - less disconnects and more reliable reconnects to the voice server.
  • Avatar broadcasting performance improvements - Better broadcasting behavior for streaming performers and dealing with broadcast instance crashes. 

Script updates

  • Upgraded Mono runtime - New script compiler supports most C# language features: C# 7.0 , C# 7.1, C# 7.2, C# 7.3
  • Added System.MathF namespace for float math (some overlap with Sansar.Mathf).
  • MeshComponent and visibility api - Creators can now author meshes to show different mesh states to different users through scripts. For example, this will allow two different users to see different states of a door in an experience, wherein one user may see the door open and another may see the door - closed.
  • New example script, MeshVisibilityExample.cs, in the installer folder: Program Files > Sansar > Client > Script API > Examples
  • Hint text - When set, it will display text on the user’s screen. 
  • Scripts may be copied and pasted in the Object Structure panel.

 Stability improvements:

  • Fixed crash issues, including:
    • Some recent havok related crashes. This fix updated the behavior of Linear/Angular Velocity for Rigid Bodies from scripts. The Linear velocity is now capped at 200m/s and Angular Velocity is capped at 100 m/s.
    • The client should no longer crash when visiting experiences with streaming textures.
    • Crashes related to failing to load an avatar in the avatar editor. 
  • When an keyframed object that an avatar is standing on is destroyed, the avatar will briefly pop in the spawn point and back to the original position. 
  • Avatars would be visibly stuck in a sit position from the POV of another avatar that joined the same experience.

Documentation updates: 

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