The Give More, Get More Release: Update 3 - June 11, 2019

Ah, yes - strolling along the narrow, cobblestone alleys of old Florence taking in the sights, sounds, and perhaps most importantly -- the smells of homemade Italian cuisine. You look to your right: penne, capellini, tagliatelle -- and to your left: orecchiette, farfalle, fettuccine. Pasta! Pasta everywhere!

Well, we don't have any of that kinda pasta for you, but in our third update - we've made it so you can use your copypasta skills to great effect with hopes that it will save creators time and energy when building. 

Spicy meatballs/updates:

  • New ability to copy and paste components within the "Object Structure" panel - This feature allows creators to copy and paste audio, light, and script components in the 'Object Structure' panel via the right-click context menu. Components may be pasted within an object, or into another object. 
  • Fixed a crash due to editing scenes with objects with joints. 
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