The Give More, Get More Release - May 30, 2019

The Give More, Get More Release is upon us! No, this isn’t a credit card commercial; it’s our way of helping you give to others without having to worry about a crazy transaction fee. Maybe… maybe this is a credit card commercial. That’s not all, we’ve also got the lowest interest rate... I mean, we have a bunch of new features and improvements to share with you. 

Before we get into that, we’d like to thank you all for your helpful and detailed feedback that help us keep an eye on our True North. Keep sending it in; we’re listening!

Without further ado, head into your nearest branch… nope, ugh. Chill out, Gal, you can do this. Ahem. Without further ado, read below to see all of the goodies we have in store for you:

Feature list:

  • Sansar dollar gifts no longer incur a transaction fee.
  • Atlas face-lift:
    • Atlas carousel improvements
    • Smoother and more polished Atlas design.
  • A “new” badge/label appears on the icons of new items that enter a user’s avatar inventory.
  • New scripting API enables creators to add a progress bar or countdown timer when an action is triggered in an Experience. Creators may also add some descriptive text to the progress bar.
  • Remove event experiences from experience cap allotment. Creators should no longer get a warning that they are over the cap when creating event Experiences.
  • Foot IK improvement - avatar feet turn when it changes direction in desktop, just like in VR
  • New right click capability enables users to cut, copy and paste text on various text fields.

Improvements list:

  • Decimated crashes triggered from the avatar editor and scene editor.
  • Implemented a fix for exposure metering on Nvidia RTX GPUs to fix the issue that varied the experience brightness from one video card to another.
  • Make an empty fist in VR without worrying about other controller actions from working.
  • The pesky customize option no longer exists after upgrading an avatar that has been deleted from the user’s inventory.
  • Making changes to a group of similar script attributes no longer changes the wrong attribute of some of the selected scripts.
  • Upgrading an avatar caused the Marvelous Designer clothing to fit over whatever the avatar had on during the upgrade process.
  • The scale values now apply properly on avatars using avatar animations that were uploaded using a partial skeleton.
  • Assets that contained unlicensed information no longer prevent the gizmos from appearing when selecting object structure components such as containers, static meshes, or volume components.
  • Marvelous Designer clothing can now be adjusted with two hands in VR.


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