The Give More, Get More Release: Update 2 - June 5, 2019

It's almost been a week since the Give More, Get More release. We'd like to thank everyone who joined us in last week's Product Meetup and provided some feedback and reported issues on the latest changes. We'd love to have you join us again tomorrow for more product feedback

In the meantime, we just pushed an update that should unravel a few reported snags to make your overall experience better:

  • Fixed various avatar-related issues:
    • Marvelous designer clothing could not be adjusted one piece at a time.
    • Items could not be applied after using the "wear it now" button in the avatar editor.
    • Selecting an avatar in the Lookbook prevented the user from being able to get back in after they are returned to the Homes pace.
    • Using the "wear it now" button while in the avatar editor would load the previously selected avatar, which would lead to a crash. 
    • Desktop FootIK would not update properly when the avatar is standing on an object that was destroyed. 
    • Fixed the crash triggered by the avatar upgrade process.
  • Fixed various issues while in an experience: 
    • Destroying a keyframed physics object that is under an avatar would bounce the user to the spawn point and back from the POV of other users.
    • Late joining users would see incorrect positioning for held objects that were dynamically spawned.
      Fixed a crash that sometimes occurs when joining an experience.
  • Fixed various issues related to questing:
    • Resetting the first time user quest with completed objectives would not reset the quest completely. 
    • Unlocked objectives in the first time user quest still appeared as locked in the Quest panel.
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