The Give More, Get More Release: Update 1 - May 31, 2019

Whoa. Now we know how the folks in "The Exorcist" felt when they saw the main character bending backward, head spinning around, crab walking down the steps, and projectile vomiting pea soup!

We've brought out our own exorcists to cast out the demons/bugs. Here's what we've done for the first Give More, Get More point release:

  • Fixed crashes.
  • Fixed various avatar issues such as:
    • Multiple poke-throughs occurring on various areas of male and female avatars such as the armpit area.
    • Avatars would lean back after jumping and landing.
    • Avatar feet would not revert back to the standing pose when toggling out of the crouch position, causing the avatar to stand bent over backward.
    • Scripted progress bars steal input focus. 
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