The Movement Release: Update 2 - May 7, 2019

The Movement Release went live last week; we've had some good times, some great times, and we wanna keep those good vibes going. We want to keep it movin'. So that's what we're doing! In this update, we've got a couple of fancy new features for you and gameplay improvements.

Let's dig in... 

New features

  • Toast notifications for Events - Receive notifications when you add and remove events from your calendar. Mmm, that's good Toast!
  • People indicator for Events - Wh...where is everybody? Wait, now you know! The new people indicator now shows the number of users in an Event. 


  • Crash override! We fixed a bug brought about by performing a second Atlas search while the previous search term is still in the search field after switching tabs. 
  • Performing an emote while in VR with full body trackers did not put the user back into first-person once the emote has ended.
  • Some avatar input still triggered while in freecam mode.
  • Resetting the position of an object on the release event after holding it would cause everyone to see the reset position, except the user who triggered it.
  • Avatars appeared with very distorted IK issues after selecting a different avatar while full body trackers were enabled.
  • New user flow avatar creation now respect the randomly generated avatars skin and hair color, instead of replacing them with light skin and dark gray hair color.U
  • Users with small scale avatars don't have the jitters while running or walking from other users' views.
  • Custom avatars caused incompatible messages to appear when using 'Wear it now' from the store panel.
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