The Movement Release - April 30, 2019

Remember the days when you could find events and experiences with ease? Those days are back, baby! We’ve revamped the Atlas design so you can find things to do, and places to do them in. We’re excited to see what events you throw. Here are some of the other updates you’ll see coming out of this release:


Shopping has never been easier, our store updates include:

  • Marvelous Designer icons so that you know when you’re looking at clothing made for MD
  • Easier post-purchase avatar editing so that when you buy something, you can try it on immediately

Avatar gameplay

Don’t just stand there, bust a move! Easier said than done, right? We’ve been listening to your suggestions and feature requests and guess what; we gotcha covered. Here are a bunch of new ways that you can bust moves in Sansar!

  • Desktop Avatar Control options - Desktop users can now use two new settings to customize the way their Avatar moves with the Keyboard and Mouse.
    • Keyboard Turn - With this setting enabled the Avatar will turn left and right when pressing A/D (left/right) instead of strafing (sidestepping).
    • Face Forward - With this setting enabled the Avatar will always face the direction the camera is facing.
    • Note - Old default behavior was equivalent to Keyboard Turn = Off and Face Forward = On. New default behavior is the opposite.
  • Desktop throw indicator - Desktop users can now throw with ease with the new throw trajectory guide that will help to throw with accuracy. You can also use the mouse’s scroll wheel to manually adjust the strength/power of the throw.
  • Ability to crouch - Experience Sansar like no one ever has before. Use crouching to sneak up on your friends or squeeze below low ceilings.
  • Creators, this opens up new possibilities in your experiences
  • Fullbody tracker support - Show your dance moves with the new fullbody tracking support via the Vive trackers.


Use crouching to sneak up on your friends or squeeze below low ceilings.


Avatar customization improvements

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t scale your avatars. Guess what, now you can (scale your avatars, that is, not pick your friend’s nose).

  • Avatar scaling - Scale your avatars shorter or taller with the new avatar scaling capability
  • New simple skeleton - New simple skeleton reference file to make it easier to hook up animations
  • Mixamo animation support - You can import the new simple skeleton on Mixamo and take advantage of their library of animations


“Just read my script, man, and tell me what you think!” Get outta here with that - this isn’t LA! Nobody is going to read your scri… oh, this is a different type of script, huh? For you Scripting Enthusiasts, there are new toys for you to play with! Pretty excited for zombies. I mean, REALLY excited for zombies. Someone make zombies!

  • New Movement API - Allows creators to move things within the scene even if they have no physics properties. Users can create simple moving objects, movements that follow paths, and move animated characters... like zombies!
  • Removed the limitations on scripts for spawned objects.
  • The tutorial hint system can now be triggered from script to allow creators to instruct users how to interact with their experiences.
  • Read more here.

Scene Editor

Look, we don’t want to make a scene here, but if you want to make a scene… let us help. We’ve made a bunch of improvements to the Scene Editor. Now get out there and make the best dang scene you can, and we’ll see you in the headlines tomorrow.

  • Transform Gizmo Hotkeys & Adjust Object Toolbar - Sansar’s transform gizmo now uses hotkeys to shift between move, rotate and scale operations. Additionally, a new toolbar allows individual modes to be toggled.
    • Move - Default
    • Rotate - CTRL
    • Scale - CTRL+SHIFT
  • Rigged assets now support collision meshes - Collision meshes should be cuboid or sphere shapes, not complex, and exported in the same .fbx file as the asset. Limitations on this are currently set as…
    • Rigged mesh assets intended to have collisions must only be 1 object
    • Collision shape names must match the bone the shape is intended to collide for, with _collision at the end of its name (Ex: joint1_collision)
    • Collision shapes must all be separate objects. (using the rigged mesh as the collision shape WILL NOT WORK)
    • Collision shapes must not have their transforms frozen. The collision shapes origin offset should match the joint location in order to match up properly.
    • Collision shapes do not need any skin data
More power for desktop users! Now you know what you're doing.


Squashed bugs

"The only good bug is a dead bug!" - Starship Troopers

  • Various crash issues:
    • When the same custom avatar is selected multiple times in the avatar editor.
    • When deleting a worn duplicate clothing item and trying to select the remaining item that was duplicated.
    • When entering events that point to an unpublished scene.
  • Scene names are being displayed in the Chat app instead of Experience names.
  • Movement functionality for avatars ceases after a UI panel is pointed at and then focus is returned to the experience.  The movement functionality does not return to the thumbsticks until the panel is closed.
  • Avatars do not respect the spawn point rotation when revisiting an experience.
  • Getting kicked from an experience would block voice chat until Sansar is restarted.
  • VR keyboard flashes as the Atlas and Store are closed if it was used while the apps were open.
  • MD clothing can be adjusted and saved from the Lookbook.
  • Scrolling a submenu in the avatar editor in VR always scrolls the Worn Items panel if it is scrollable.
  • Using the XBOX controller will cause Sansar's FPS to drop drastically.
  • The XBOX controller will not activate the teleport beam if a nearby object is highlighted.
  • An object's applied script parameters does not reset after setting the script component to 'none' and would apply the previous settings to any subsequent script applied thereafter.
  • If a script is subscribed to all collision events on a rezzed object, collisions with a character sometimes incorrectly reports the CollisionEventType as cRigidBodyContact when colliding with a character (it should always be cCharacterContact).
  • The Properties panel's script submenu does not update to show the correct number of scripts when switching between different script libraries.
  • Inconsistent rotation values are shown in the Properties panel when multiple objects with multiple rotation values are selected.
  • Index labels of parameter arrays become corrupted when the entry is deleted.
  • Array values do not appear to carry over correctly when switching to new versions of scripts.


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