MoveMode Enum

Type of interpolation to use for movement


public enum MoveMode


Movement is computed according to the movement type with a parametric parameter 't' that varies from zero to one.

  • Linear movement is directly proportional to 't'.
  • Ease-in movement is proportional to 't^2'.
  • Ease-out movement is computed with 't*(2-t)'.
  • Smoothstep interpolation uses '(3-2t)*t^2'.


Member Name Description
EaseIn Ease In. The object with move slowly at first and quickly at the end.
EaseOut Ease Out. The object with move quickly at first and slow down at the end.
Linear Linear Interpolation. The object will move at a constant velocity.
Smoothstep Smoothstep Interpolation. The object with speed up and slow down smoothly when moving.


Namespace: Sansar.Simulation
Assembly: Sansar.Simulation (in Sansar.Simulation.dll)
Assembly Versions:

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