4/16 Patch Notes

Ahoy, me hearties - your favorite angel is here to tell you about the most recent patch (no, not an eye patch, I've mislead you!).

We've made some performance improvements, and annihilated future Klendathans (bugs!).

Important: You'll want to update your Sansar clients as soon as you can.

  • Good news for twins everywhere! Deleting a duplicate avatar and selecting the original avatar no longer results in a crash.
  • Checking the list and checking it twice has never felt so good. Returning to an Experience after selecting the same custom avatar multiple times in the avatar editor will no longer be an issue!

Bug squashin'

  • I think we can all agree, checking your email shouldn't erase you from existence. Closing Sansar during the new user flow and following the email link causes an error and leaves the user with no avatar.
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