The Questing Release: Update 1 - April 2, 2019

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today, we are releasing a quick update to fix a few nasty issues. This update includes fixes for the following:

  • Various crashing issues.
  • Using the 'Detect Height' option in the calibration tool did not allow the user to calibrate their height.
  • Using WASD in freecam mode would stop emotes from playing.
  • Teleporting up onto an elevated surface would cause the avatar to appear crouched down and floating slightly above the surface.
  • Avatar legs would sometimes not return to the idle pose when landing from a fall.
  • The GO NOW button was not available on the My Calendar tab on the Events panel.
  • Item material editor could not be opened from the object structure panel.
  • All scripts in a scene would intermittently fail to initialize when visiting the experience.
  • A message "WARNING: Public script parameter triggerEvent not found in parameters" would spam the Script Console. 
  • OperationCompleteEvent for Cluster.Destroy() would not trigger.

We highly encourage you to update as soon as possible. Running on different client install versions may prevent you from finding your friends in experiences due to being on different servers.

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