The Questing Release - March 28, 2019

Questing. Jumping. Styling for your custom avatars. It’s one of our biggest and best releases yet, and it’s finally LIVE! Get caught up on all the latest features below.


  • Complete quests and earn Sansar Dollars as you do it. The more you do, the more you’ll make. Head to the Social Hub today to find your first quest.
  • Dress your custom avatars in new ways. Starting today, you’ll be able to customize your custom avatars even further than before - add clothing, accessories, even hair! Please note, though: not all wearables will work well with all custom avatars.
  • Pick a custom avatar when you log in. For the first time, we’re letting new users pick from a hand-picked collection of FREE custom avatars when they log in. If you’re a custom avatar creator with custom avatars to share, we want to hear from you - we’d love to feature more custom avatars in the carousel.
  • We’re changing how you create events. Starting with this release, every event you create will be tied to its own experience, based on a scene template. It’ll no longer be tied to an existing experience, which means you no longer can join an event by finding an experience on the Atlas - you’ll need to join via the event calendar page only. However! You’ll be able to find events as they’re happening within the Atlas, on a new Featured tab. Because of these changes, we’re also adjusting how you manage the new experiences you create. You can change the scene tied to an event, customize the scene like any experience, and delete the experience if it’s no longer needed.

Some other big additions

  • New clothing options in the default inventory - New Marvelous Designer-based clothing available for both male and female based avatars. Look for the items with the yellow “M” tag!
  • Access to a variety of skin colors - More options to color the base avatar’s skin tone! Your avatar’s skin can even be blue or pink! 
  • Teleport directly to friend - When you choose to teleport to your friend, you will now spawn near them, unless the experience creator has opted to disable direct teleport and force you at the arrival point.
  • Object parenting in the scene editor - Objects can now have other objects as children.
  • No more folders.  Existing folders are converted into parent objects.
  • Moving/Scaling a parent object will move/scale children along with it.
  • New functions to enable you to create your world better.
  • Scaling is no longer restricted to a slider between 0.1x to 10x.
  • You can use the Properties panel to move/rotate/scale a selection of multiple objects at once.
  • You can use the Properties panel to move/rotate a Light component.
  • New functions to enable you to edit your avatar better - We heard your feedback so now we’ve added a few new functions in the editor.
  • You now have more saving options without being kicked out of the editor.
  • Better reset options so you can always start adjusting from scratch.
  • Easier way of returning to the world and return to your previous position in world before you edited your character. (Saving user position in runtime)
  • Improvements on creating teleport portals - You can now create Portals more easily with the new “Create Portal” button on the Atlas details page. 
  • Scripting updates - A couple of updates on scripting. See Script API updates for more information.
  • List<> support in script parameters - Allows passing multiple values to a script as a single parameter. This means that creators can now assign multiple values such as a sound, object, a position point to one parameter. This eliminates the old behavior that forces the creator to utilize a parameter per value. 
  • Interaction behavior on a per user basis - Creators can now set interactions to update and change behavior on a per-user basis. This enables creators to disable content once a user interacts with it. For example, a glowing chest in a treasure hunt could stop glowing once the user interacts with it.

Known issues we fixed

  • The beam on the right Vive wand and Rift Touch Controller is missing when attempting to adjust MD clothing while in VR.
  • More than 1 directional light is being allowed in a scene. There should only be 1 directional light.
  • If a user attempts to purchase Sansar Dollars from their Steam account in the client, but closes the Buy Sansar dollars modal before the Steam purchase overlay appears, the Buy Sansar dollars modal no longer appears when it's selected from the app launcher. This occurs whether or not the user authorizes or cancels the transaction from the Steam overlay.
  • The throw direction when throwing items in VR can be slightly off center of the expected targets.
  • Many of the emojis returned with text searches do not fit the search parameters.

If you want to know more about the open known issues from this release and previous releases, you can check it out here.


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