The C’mon Get Happy Release: Update 1 - March 5, 2019

We just pushed out a quick update to make a few changes and clean up a few nasty bugs. 

  • We made a small change on how licensing works. With the new changes, unlicensed items owned by the creator can now be listed on the store after saving it back to the inventory from a scene. 
  • We've removed the "logout" option from the scene editor. The temporary change was brought about by issues that would affect the inventory. You should still be able to log out while in the home space or while visiting experiences.
  • We've fixed a few nasty bugs.
    • An error message from creating an experience using an unpublished scene would persist even after attempting to create a new experience. 
    • Some custom animation would cause the user camera to move positions. 
    • The system would block clothing adjustments on Marvelous Designer clothing when applied in VR.
    • Previewing full body animations in VR from the Editor's library would cause the avatar to play the animation while the avatar is idling. 
    • Cleaned up issues on the user interface in the avatar and scene editors.
    • The "Deploy scene" option under the My Experiences panel would not always launch the correct scene. 
    • Scripted animation frame clamps would not play the expected frames. 
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