Draw distance limit for objects

All objects in a scene have an editable property that allows you to define the maximum distance at which the object is rendered. By lowering this value for small, detailed objects that would otherwise be difficult to distinguish at a distance, you can improve performance in your scene.

As you enter an object's draw distance limit, the object gracefully fades into view. This avoids the jarring "pop-in" effect common to many video games.

Draw Distance Limit (object property)

When editing a scene, you can adjust any object's draw distance limit:

  1. Open the object's Properties panel by right-clicking it and choosing Properties.
  2. In the Properties panel, scroll down to find the property named Draw Distance Limit.
  3. Adjust the slider or enter a value (in meters) to set the maximum distance at which the object can be seen by visitors.
Draw Distance Limit is set individually for each object in a Scene, through the Properties panel.

By default, Draw Distance Limit is set extremely high, meaning that the object will be visible from anywhere in the scene. Try lowering the Draw Distance Limit for particularly complex or small objects in order to avoid drawing needless detail at a distance.

Draw distance preview

While editing a scene, draw distance limits are disabled by default. You can dynamically preview what the scene will look like to visitors by choosing Tools > Draw distance preview from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Previewing Draw Distance Limit set to 5 meters on a 1-meter cube.

If you find yourself losing objects because your camera has moved beyond the maximum draw distance, you can disable Draw distance preview by selecting Tools > Draw distance preview again.

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