The C’mon Get Happy Release - February 28, 2019

We rolled out a whole bunch of new goodies in Sansar today, and we can’t wait for you to check them out!


The Highlights

  • We’re bringing emojis to chat! Users can now type or pick an emoji in the chat app, whether it’s in the nearby or direct chat! Note: To string multiple emojis together, a space must be added in between emojis.
  • We’re helping make your experiences more dynamic through a new object property: draw distance limit! Creators can now define an object’s draw distance limit from the properties panel. The draw distance defines the distance at which an object starts to render in the scene. For example, if an object’s draw distance limit is set to 10 meters, the object will no longer be visible when a user in an experience is beyond 10 meters from the object.
  • We’re making gifting more seamless! There is a new notification to let receivers know that they received Sansar Dollars from another user.
  • We’re letting you save and sell a collection! Creators can now pull a group of objects from a scene and save it back in their inventories as a single object. All objects’ script relationships and relative positioning will be stored in that single object, making it easy to drag and drop a collection of items in a scene or sell it in the store.

More Good Stuff

  • Extending limits on uploaded Avatar items - We are now extending the proximity limits on clothing, accessories, and hair. We’ve expanded the Axis Aligned Bounding Box (AABB) area by .1m left/right and .3m front/back. This means that the AABB area is now min(-0.9m, -0.9m, -0.05cm) max(0.9m, 0.9m, 2.2m). Note: This change does not affect emotes nor custom avatars.
  • New avatar reference files - We’ve moved and updated the reference files, which can now be found here.
  • Object selection right-click menu - we've replaced the old "selection menu" widget with a right-click context menu
    • This new context menu has many more options, (similar to the existing menus in Scene Objects and Object Structure).
  • Script updates
    • Overriding audio streams - The audio stream channel URL can now be overridden using the following APIs, ScenePrivate.OverrideAudioStream(url) and AgentPrivate.OverrideAudioStream(url)
      • As part of this change, we are deprecating Audio Streams 2/3/4 and they have been removed from Scene Settings. AudioChannel1 has been updated to “AudioChannel”.
    • Setting up a scene to broadcast voices - We’ve deprecated the old VoiceBroadcast API and have replaced it with the Megaphone API.
      • To enable/disable megaphone on a user as part of the scene setup, use ScenePrivate.SetMegaphone(personaId, bool).
    • Teleporting within the same experience - The new API AgentPrivate.Client.TeleportTo(position, forward) teleports the avatar within the current scene to a specified position, facing the specified forward direction.
      • Because avatars always remain upright, the up component of the forward direction will be ignored.
    • Force drop - The RigidBodyComponent.ReleaseHeldObject method forces any agent holding the rigidbody to immediately drop it.
    • Sit points update - SitObjectInfo data has been updated to include the position, forward direction, exit position and exit forward direction for sit points.
    • Script Library source reorganization - The Script Libraries in Sansar’s install folder have been reorganized. These scripts can be found in Program Files > Sansar > Client > ScriptApi > Examples > ScriptLibrary by default.
    • Bug Fixes
      • This release fixes several script crashes relating to memory bloat and coroutines that were introduced in R29.1.
      • Setting playback range on non-looping animations while they are playing works as expected.

Known Issues We Fixed

  • Various crash issues triggered due to various factors such as:
    • Attempting to gift Sansar dollars to another user through their profile.
    • Close the experience details modal in VR.
    • Visiting experiences. 
  • Nearby chat scrolls to top (oldest messages) after switching to the 'Friends' tab or closing the Chat panel.
  • The legs of VR users' avatars are angled wrong when the /sit command is used.
  • VR users using the /sit command are taken out of the sit position far too easily.
  • Various UI and camera issues when styling the avatar.
  • Uploaded custom animations do not appear after uploading if a custom avatar is currenty selected. 
  • After a previous avatar upgrade, a custom animation may have overriden a non-emote animation. 
  • Attempting to enter VR mode in Sansar while SteamVR is initializing may cause the client to not recognize the VR controllers. 
  • 'Check mic level' sound is crackly and robotic.
  • Some scenes cannot be visited until they have been built in the editor.
  • The My Experiences app does not automatically refresh to show the updated image of an experience. To see the changes, close and re-open the My Experiences app.
  • The server would stall or take a significant amount of time to load an experience.
  • ScriptLibrary.Teleport crashes if the teleport trigger message does not contain agent info. 
  • Script memory bloat in coroutines. 
  • Instability introduced in the script system from the previous release.


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