The Places You'll Go Release: Update 3 - February 15, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today's another Fix-it-Friday! We've squashed the following bugs in Sansar:

  • Users using custom avatars can see inside their avatars' heads in VR. If you are still experiencing this issue, we advise you to re-save the avatar. Here are a few steps to guide you in re-saving your avatar:
    1. Click on the Create button on the main menu. 
    2. Click on Style my avatar.
    3. Click on Customize on the custom avatar affected by the issue.
    4. Then, once the editor loads, hit Select. This should re-save the avatar.
  • A spam of toast notifications were sent to users logging in about each and every friend who is online at the time.
  • Outdated toast notifications were sent after logging out, then logging back in. 
  • Misleading script memory usage warnings appeared in the Script Console.
  • The feature, Teleport to Friend, was enabled on unlisted experiences. 
  • Crash caused by toggling panels while loading an experience or the avatar editor.
  • Crash caused by audio emitters and audio streams. 
  • Crash caused by the character editor and upgrading an avatar.
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