The Places You'll Go Release - February 6, 2019

It’s about that time again, friends: time for some more incredible updates to the Sansar platform!

This month’s release includes some essential in-VR improvements, a more accessible Atlas, and a new portal feature to make exploring with friends easier. Get caught up on everything below.


Travel more easily in groups with our new portal feature. Type “/portal <experience link>” in chat and instantly create a direct teleport to another experience.

All the places you'll go with your friends with the new Teleport Portal.

Navigate the Atlas more easily. We’ve made the Atlas more readable in VR, and also improved overall searchability, so that destination results auto-fill as you type the letters out.

Enjoy a more seamless VR experience. We’ve updated the VR IK so that there’s less lag in your hand movements relative to your controllers. We’ve also rolled out a new UI for measuring your height that includes the following options: calibrate your height automatically, manually input your height, and remember your height (pull in the last available setting).

Adjust your height the way you want to!

Scripts, scripts, and more scripts. We’ve improved overall script performance in events, moved “Revamped Simple Scripts” to Scene Script Libraries, added a new Object Script Library, introduced new scripts in the script libraries and added a Store Listing script to everyone’s inventory. We’ve also unveiled three new APIs:

  • Haptic Pulse API - lets a script fire a haptic vibration, so that a controller holding a gun, for example, would vibrate once you pulled the trigger.

  • Sit Event API - notifies other scripts when an avatar sits or stands. Meaning: if you wanted to make a whoopee cushion noise each time a person sits in a specific chair, you absolutely could. 

  • Media Action API - Allows media actions to be performed on media surfaces. More specifically, it enables interaction with Twitch's Mature Stream "Start Watching" button.

Save your credentials for next time. With this release, users now can opt to save their credentials to their account, so that they’re automatically logged in the next time they open Sansar.

Shop the Sansar Store in VR. Pull up the app in VR mode anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a slightly retooled Editor. Animated objects now have their own icon and filter type in the inventor panel. Property and Scene setting value fields can be widened with the panel size.

Access the Sansar Store in VR from the wrist menu.

Enjoy improved performance overall. A new hidden surface algorithm means improved performance when you save an avatar from the Character Editor. 


With this release, we’ve solved for the following:

  • Crashes after adding a component to an object.
  • Crashes after applying MD clothing items exported from Marvelous Designer 8.
  • The Atlas landing page covering the Chat and People apps, making them inaccessible.
  • Debug messages in the script debug console that reappear and stack on each other each time the console is opened.
  • Dropdown menu in the My Experience panel that remains stationary even when scrolling.
  • Right click context menu in the scene editor that won’t close after a new object is selected.
  • Visibility and readability of content from the profiles page.
  • Links in the chat panel not converting to hyperlinks.
  • Blank modal that appears after making selections on a pop up.
  • Lag in controllers when navigating a VR camera in a scene with a scale of 100% or lower.
  • Renamed container names after saving and reloading a scene with newly added objects.
  • System lights not saving or remaining in a scene when reloading the scene in the editor, or when visiting an experience.
  • “SimpleHotkey” script not generating events if the “Group” parameter is set.
  • “Add friend” button staying active after sending a friend request.
  • Inaccurate mic status on profile panels accessed from the Atlas panel.
  • Script log message box getting cut off when text is too long.
  • Visibility and readability of text in the events panel.
  • Lag in the VR UI in screen space when the camera moves.
  • New friend requests not appearing at times in the Friends tab on the People panel.
  • The screen will flicker violently in desktop mode when wearing the headset while exiting the lookbook app. This does not affect what is visible in the HMD lenses.
  • The typing indicator will not go away if the chat panel was closed while it is active.
  • Various buttons, tabs and other selections can result in no action being taken.
  • Various issues relating to the emotes panel.
  • Various toast notification improvements.
  • Various UI issues in the avatar editor.
  • Various UI issues in the user profile.
  • Various UI issues in the scene editor.


  • After a previous avatar upgrade, a custom animation may have overridden a non-emote animation. Users must re-assign custom emote animations to see desired results.
  • Audio stream scripts that are already playing do not fully stop when picking a new stream or stopping the stream.
  • Avatar throw animations can become stuck if the mouse pointer hovers over an interaction object.
  • Avatars that sit down may appear as standing back up to other users in the same experience if their connection to Sansar is lagging behind.
  • Height calibration is generally off by a couple of inches.
  • In VR, moving any VR controller across an interactive object or panel when the chat panel is open activates the keyboard.
  • Info, warnings, and error messages that are the same message do not stack in the debug console. Instead, the messages are log as new messages, causing the debug console to appear very spammy with the same type of callbacks.
  • Pressing ESC to toggle mouse look mode with the My Experiences panel open may cause the user to be stuck in that menu.
  • Scene objects cannot be group selected after deselecting them when using the Vive wands
  • Script-based avatar teleporting can cause avatars to drop held objects
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts such as F (focus) and L (lock) as well as modifier shortcuts such as Ctrl+D (duplicate) will trigger their commands while the user has focus on the scene objects search field.
  • Users have been kicked out of the scene editor when moving volume components around the scene.
  • When Social Services has been disconnected, the chat messages and friends list data will be lost and cleared from the chat and people panels.


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