Portals are a way to easily travel between experiences with a group of friends. When you open a portal using a valid experience URL from the Atlas, the portal appears at your location and stays open for up to two minutes. While the portal is open, other visitors may click it to travel to the experience you have provided.

Getting an experience URL

In order to open a portal, you must first obtain the URL of the experience you would like to visit. You can easily get an experience's URL from the Atlas:

  1. Open the Atlas by choosing Go > Find places to go (Atlas) from the main menu.
  2. Find your desired destination and view its details by clicking its portrait.
  3. Click the Copy URL button to copy the experience's URL to your clipboard.
View an experience's details in the Atlas and click the Copy URL button to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Opening a portal

 To open a portal, you need to enter a command into Nearby Chat:

  1. If the Chat panel is not already open, open it by choosing Socialize > Chat from the main menu.
  2. On the Nearby tab of the Chat panel, enter the command /portal, followed by a valid experience URL.
  3. Press Enter or click Send Message to open the portal at your location. The portal stays open for up to two minutes, or until you open another portal.
Note: You may only have one portal open at a time. If you open a second portal, the first one closes immediately.
Teleport_portal_chat.jpg Teleport_portal.jpg
To open a portal, enter /portal, followed by a valid experience URL, into Nearby Chat. When a valid URL is used with the /portal command, a portal appears at your avatar's location.

Traveling through a portal

To travel through an open portal, you must move close enough to it that the portal's name appears when you hover your mouse or VR pointer over it. Then, click the portal and agree to the prompt in order to follow the portal's creator to the new destination.

Move close to the portal, click it, and then click Yes to follow the portal's creator to your new destination.
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    but how DO you click? what control button is click?. using htc vive pro


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