Ready, Aim, Fire! Release: Update 3 and 4 - January 10, 2019

Hey all!

As you might’ve seen, we rolled out some pretty excellent updates and new features last week - get the lowdown on all of them below.

The Biggest Changes

  • Say hello to the Sansar Social Hub!
    • This brand new experience - connected to your Home space - is a great showcase of interactivity in Sansar (with more coming soon!), and a fantastic place to bring friends, make new ones, and sample the many games Sansar has to offer. Can YOU find the Easter Egg?
  • “My Experiences” just got a whole lot more user-friendly.
    • Search experiences by name!
    • Sort experiences alphabetically!
    • Find out which experience was modified last!
  • Hear more and do more with new audio improvements.
    • An upgraded audio library and codec mean clearer voices and better stability.
    • Sounds are more accurately blocked by multiple walls.
  • You can now sit in the Home space!

Key Bug and Crash Fixes

  • The user given the megaphone mode cannot revoke or cancel the megaphone for themselves.
    • (For Scene Owners) The commands %%broadcast-start and %%broadcast-stop have been renamed to %%mega-on and %%mega-off
  • ScenePrivate.FindObject returns null for objects without scripts.
  • Vive grip buttons do not pick up or drop held objects.
  • Voice indicator display option is not being respected when toggled off.
  • Experiences are sorted by curation value instead of time of creation in the My Experiences app.
  • Opening/closing the Buy Sansar Dollars modal makes the app buttons to the right of the client active.
  • No text appears in the My Experiences app when it is empty
  • The 'More Options' context menu is inaccessible (appears off-screen) at minimum window size.
  • Translating/Rotating a light blueprint component can cause the edit server to crash.
  • Media surface audio emitters falloff is greatly extended.
  • A user cannot add a Trigger Volume to a scene from 'System Objects.’
  • Client crashes for the second user that tries to join an experience that's already populated.
  • Thin physics bodies will fall straight through flat objects.
  • The avatar ID tool does not appear when using an Oculus with touch controllers.
  • Oculus users cannot sit while in VR.
  • Scripted assets cannot be interacted with using when using an oculus and touch controllers.

Known Issues

  • The visit experience buttons appear disabled for experience without a scene.
  • The client crashes after making clothing edits to an avatar and selecting that avatar as your default avatar.
  • Script properties can display the incorrect script of IO widgets while changing scripts.

You can view the full known issues list here.

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