Ugly Holiday Sweater Challenge!


Ho Ho Ho-oh dear....

Its the Holidays. Time with the family, and someone has given you another Ugly Christmas Sweater. Maybe they didn't know what else to get you. Maybe they thought it was "ironic" or "funny" because as Aunt Hilda said, "I know you don't really like the Holidays" and you're all like "What are you talking about? I love Mulled Wine!".

Well its yours now, and you're stuck with it, and you're going to have to wear it every Christmas.

So to celebrate that spirit of the Holidays, we are honoring Ugly Holiday Sweaters everywhere! Create your own Ugly Holiday Sweater with the template attached (or make your own from scratch) and upload it to the store.

  • Download the Male or Female Template attached to this post (Kindly donated to us by Solas!)
  • Follow our instructions on how to add a design below
  • Make sure it doesn't break our content guidelines
  • Upload it to the Sansar store!
  • Give it the tag #UglySweater

We will be welcoming ALL submissions into a special Store collection, because its not like we can say your Ugly Sweater wasn't ugly enough.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord and ask in the #fashion channel for advice and tips on making an Ugly Sweater. And if you haven't tried Marvelous Designer yet, now might be a good time to give that 30 day Free Trial a go!


How-To guide

Before applying any graphics to your garments, be sure to prep your image within a photo / image editing software, i.e. Photoshop.


  1. Prior to exporting / saving your final image, be sure to hide your background layer. By hiding the background layer, it will allow you to export your image free of any background color or fill. As long as the image you are using is created on a new layer. Use the first image as an example of how your file should be saved.
    A. Transparent background
    B. Hidden background color
    C. Visible background color
  2. Save image as .png

Marvelous Designer

  1. With the pattern / garment completed, left + click the "Graphic ( 2D Pattern )" icon located in the 2D Pattern Window.


  2. Navigate to the image file and select open.

  3. In the "2D pattern Window" select the pattern you want to place your graphic on, then select "OK" to apply the graphic. You have the option of adjusting the size of the graphic prior to accepting, or you can make your adjustments afterwards.

    image__3_.png image__4_.png

  4. Using the "Transform Graphic" tool (1), you can make adjustments to your graphic including scale, position and rotation.To do this, select the icon, then left + click the graphic. Use the open circles and arrows on the manipulator to make your adjustments.

    image__5_.png image__6_.png

  5. Once you're happy with the look, select the entire sweater pattern within the "2D Pattern window" using the "Transform Pattern" tool. To do this, click + drag around the entire pattern you want to export. 


  6. Note: if the graphic disappears after selecting the Transform Pattern tool, click the "Textured Surface" icon located in the 3D window. This will show any textures / graphics that are applied to the garment.


  7. Go to File > Export > Sansar ( Samd ), and save the file to a desired location.
  8. Then launch Sansar, and upload the finished garment!
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