Make a "Sokoban" Puzzle Challenge


Today we’re announcing a community challenge: send us your best “Sokoban” puzzle level, and we will add it to a new experience!


What is Sokoban?

Sokoban is a game that came to define a genre of Japanese push-block puzzle games. While the word literally means “Warehouse Keeper”, you are probably familiar with this style of puzzle from Legend of Zelda games and many other titles.


We made our own Sokoban puzzle experience that you can play in Sansar, and now we are looking to do one better!

We want you, the Sansar community, to submit your own Sokoban puzzle level.

All you have to do is draw out your level, and then convert it into text. Then our scripts will create the walls and spawn the crates. It’s that easy!


How does a Sokoban level work?

The goal is to push crates or blocks to their goal. In our case, glowing Xs. You can push a crate by walking into it. The crates can move in orthogonal directions, one space at a time (no diagonal movement). But think first before you push because you can’t push them out of a corner!

Here is an example level, from our Sokoban experience:


And this is what that same level looks like in the code (rotated 90 degrees):



How do I submit my level?

You will need some paper (grid paper is best), a pen/pencil and a ruler. Alternatively, you can use your prefered drawing software.

  • Start by drawing the Walls. Draw them one at a time in equal lengths (1 Pixel, 1cm 1 inch etc.).
  • Leave a space to mark with “e” for the Entrance.
  • Then think about where you want the Crates and the goals (Xs).
  • Then put in some interior Walls to make it a challenge.
  • Finally, with your finger, try to test your level and see if it’s possible to complete it!

Once you have a level designed, you can send it to us and we will convert it into text the script can understand! Bonus points if you can convert it into text for us (you can also draw your level that way if you prefer).


What are the rules for levels?

  • Minimum 10x8 squares, maximum size is 20x20
  • The Outer Walls must connect at right angles.
  • It will be a great help to us if you have checked that it is possible to beat your level.
  • Give it a title and let us know your Sansar username so we can tell everyone who made it!
  • No levels that form or represent graphic of offense imagery.
  • Make as many as you like!
  • The deadline to submit your level by is December 14th.


If you want to go the extra mile, we will also need somewhere to put everyone’s Sokoban levels once they are done. Some kind of arena, be it in cyberspace or an ancient temple. If that’s something you want to tackle, let us know and show us what you can make!


You can send your entries via Discord, Twitter or Facebook.


If you have never played a Sokoban game before, definitely check out our Sokoban experience and give it a try!


Update - Making your own Sokoban puzzle just got even easier!

Huge thank you to OldVamp who has created this awesome Sokoban Maker experience.

In Desktop mode type any of the following controls in chat:

  • 1 : place a wall
  • 2 : place a crate
  • 3 : place a goal
  • 4 : place an entrance
  • Escape : clear a square
  • clear : remove everything
  • export : receive level as text. Copy and paste into text editor and convert to "courier new" font to get proper formatting.

Give it ago and show us the fun Sokoban levels you make!

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