Look at Me Release: Update 2 - November 19, 2018

New Changes

  • New limits for animated bone translations - We are setting a new restriction on animated bone translations. The new limits set forth are now 2 meters for left, right, front and back, 4 meters above the avatar feet and 10 centimeters below the avatar feet. This change will only affect avatar emotes.


Known Issues

Resolved known issues from previous releases

  • Fixed various crash issues.
  • Fixed several issues in the client. Some of these fixes include fixes to the following issues:
    • Opening the main menu in VR and using the trigger on the opposite controller will cause the menu to be unresponsive.
    • Objects set to static are grabbable if the object contains an animation component.
    • The teleport to friend button and status do not update in real time.

You can view the full known issues list here.



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