Look at Me Release: Update 1 - November 13, 2018

Announcements & Reminders

New Features

  • View friend's location - You can now view your friend's experience location when they are online on their profile page.
  • Teleport to friend - Teleport directly to the experience where your friends are at. Teleporting to friends will be subject to experience guest lists and ban lists when they apply.


Known Issues

Resolved known issues from previous releases

  • Fixed various crash issues such as:
    • Toggling the debug console that contains a script output will cause the client to crash.
    • Sending chat messages that were typed in VR after switching to desktop mode caused the client to crash.
  • Fixed the following major issues:
    • The emote commands of all users in an experience would be overriden by the emote settings of the latest person who entered the experience.
    • The typing indicator will not go away if the chat panel was closed while it is active.
    • Events in progress cannot be edited.
  • Fixed various issues related to previewing animations in the animations tab in the editor. 
  • Fixed various issues on the VR keyboard.
  • Fixed various issues on the chat app. 

You can view the full known issues list here.



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