Thumbs Up Release


Today’s Release is as deep as it is broad, so we’re going to focus on 5 big things and 5 little things!

Thumbs up for VR users

With this release, avatars in VR can now utilise the full range of hand gestures the Oculus Touch provides — thumbs up, okay signs, and finger guns. VR Avatars can also now bend at their torsos and crouch. Body language just got a whole lot better!

Be sure to press your right-thumbstick button (on Oculus) to enter 3rd person mode in VR, to see what your Avatar’s movements looks like in VR.

While these complex hand gestures will only apply to Oculus VR users, we will begin developing this functionality for the Vive Knuckles controllers shortly (we just got our pair in the office, yesterday!).

Save Edited Objects and Sell Them Too!

If you have an object you have edited in Sansar — by adding lights, textures or scripts — you will now be able to save that object to your inventory for later use.

Not only that, but you can also sell these objects that you have edited! If the item is made from several pieces, “royalties” from sales of the item will still go to all the relevant creators.

For more details, you can read this page. We have also since updated our Save to Inventory feature, and Licensing. For more info on that, please read this blog post.

The Store is now in Sansar

And to make that even easier to sell all of your items the Store is now fully integrated into Sansar! You can do all your shopping in Sansar without having to open the web store.

Grab Points & Grabbable Keyframed Objects

Tired of holding swords by the blade? Make sure people handle things the right way, by setting “grab points” — specific locations where VR users can grip a given object. Adjustable for both the left and right hand independently.

And the VR fun doesn’t stop there. With this release, we’re also making keyframed objects grabbable — similar to dynamic objects, except they won’t react to physics or gravity when let go.

So make a Snowman, adjust his hat, and he’ll stay there, just like that!

Other things you’ll notice

Here are a few other changes you’ll notice right away:

  • There is now a voice indicator above an Avatar’s head to show if they are speaking
  • Fullscreen Mode is now an option for Desktop users
  • The Chat App has a new look as well as a few new features, including supporting SHIFT+ENTER to make a new line, and CTRL+A to select all text.
  • When you are watching a Twitch Stream in Sansar you can now also see Twitch Chat in the Chat App, with minimal delay, and all the emotes! This currently only applies to users who created an account via Twitch login. More details over here.
  • The Settings Windows is now available in VR! Adjust voice volume and experience audio without having to take off your headset.

On a final note, currently Oculus is requiring the latest graphic drivers before letting you use VR. So if you are as excited as we are to check out our VR improvements, we recommend you update your Nvidia graphics drivers now.

For full details, continue to read the complete release notes. It’s worth reading because there is so much in this release, that it’s easy to miss some of the smaller changes!


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