Sansar Halloween Challenge

Lords, Ladies, Ghouls and those of a supernatural persuasion,

This October we are having a month-long Halloween Challenge in Sansar, culminating in a fantastic Masquerade Ball.

For this challenge, we are asking you to flood the store with a sea of spook-tactular items. We want to see wearables, avatars, accessories and objects for furnishing your own Halloween experiences.

In particular we would love to see users make use of those Ear, Eye, Neck and Back slots because we see so few of them on the store!

We will then feature our favorite items in a collection on the 30th, just in time for Halloween!

Be sure to list your items on the store with the tag #Halloween2018 so that we can find them.

For our Masquerade Ball, we want to invite the community to build a suitable experience for all of us to promenade to mingle. Submit your entries to through this google form and we will host our Masquerade Ball at 1PM PDT on October 30th!

At the event we will declare our Monarch of the Masquerade by declaring who is the best dressed denizen of the ball.




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