Thumbs Up Release: Update 1 - October 12, 2018

Announcements & Reminders

  • A quick fix for a few issues.

Resolved known issues from previous release/s

Fixed the following issues:

  • The color picker panel for hair and nails appear in the middle of the screen. As a result, the hair and nails are covered during the color selection process.
  • Newly uploaded assets that gained new user licenses will lose some of their editing abilities if the asset was added into a legacy scene, and then saved back into the users inventory. This should no longer happen in this update. 
  • Grabbable dynamic objects from scenes built several releases ago are no longer grabbable.
  • Moving parent folder that contains other sub folders can cause the asset from those subfolders to appear in an unexpected location after building and visiting the scene.
  • There is no indicator to tell which conversations are unread in the Friends tab of the Chat app.
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