Lounging Around - Sansar WatchRoom Contest!

Today we are announcing a new contest for anyone on Sansar to enter!


The goal of the contest is simple: create a Sansar experience featuring a media stream, and theme that experience around that content.

A great example is my own Dotaworld experience, I made for watching Dota 2 Twitch streams, that using a “Dire-Side” look to the whole experience.

For this contest, we’re keeping things simple with just three categories to choose from:

  • Sports (Any sport, including esports)
  • Anime-inspired (from a Japanese aesthetic to any cartoon, or animated style)
  • Pets (or wildlife)

To be entered into the contest, you will need to build and publish an experience around one of these 3 themes, and feature a media stream that has the same content as that theme (i.e. Cute cat videos in a giant cat playhouse). We encourage you to further customize these experiences with as much interactivity as you can - feel free to use what’s available on the store if you don’t want to build your own!

To submit your entry, simply share a link to your experience on Twitter, tag us @SansarOfficial, and use the hashtag #MySansarLounge

Naturally, a winning experience cannot break copyright law or feature intellectual property that the user does not own the rights to. This includes the media stream in the experience.

The winner of each category will receive S$5000 Sansar Dollars and an Oculus Rift VR headset, with Oculus Touch controllers. So if you haven’t gotten to experience Sansar in VR, now is a great time to get building!

The deadline is September 30th and the contest starts Monday, on September 3rd!


You can read the full rules here.


Don’t forget, we also have an update to Sansar coming soon, that will feature a lot of improvements to Edit Mode. For more info on the upcoming Release, you can watch our latest Product Meetup here.


Good luck everyone!

  • Eliot, Sansar Community Manager


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