Shop, Gift, & Spend Release - September 10, 2018

Give the Gift of Sansar Dollars

With today’s update, we are now adding the ability for you to gift Sansar Dollars to another user. You will find the option to to this in the same menu where you can add someone as a friend, or mute someone. It is also available on a user’s profile through the People tool, which can be opened from Chat.



The Store comes to Sansar

You can now browse the Store from within the Sansar client. However, selecting an item to purchase will still redirect you to for now.



Lookbook in VR

VR users will no longer have to edit their Avatar in desktop mode. You can now edit your Avatar in VR and you can enjoy adjusting Marvelous Designer clothes by simply reaching out and grabbing them.


Keep it tidy: Folders in Edit Mode

For our builder community, we have a few improvements coming to Edit Mode. Most notably, we are adding “Folders”. You can find this option in the Scene Objects windows and will allow you to group objects together into one folder.


Dance, Sansar, Dance!

Finally, we have two new dance emotes. Use /dance3 and /dance4 to shake it up on the dancefloor.



Other things you’ll notice

  • Avatars now have teleport sounds that can be heard by everyone
  • Comfort Zone area has been turned off by default

Full Release notes listed below:

New Features


  • Edit your avatar in VR - You can now fully customize your avatar, including adjusting Marvelous Designer clothing in VR!
  • Give Sansar dollars to fellow users
    • You can now give Sansar dollars to users with the new "Send Gift" feature! Hover over an avatar to reveal the avatar info tool or head to the People app to find the "Send Gift" button. See Gifting Sansar Dollars for more information.
    • Sansar Dollar Gifting will start a default value of 100 and can be increased or decreased in increments of 10 and 1. There will also be a transaction fee of 15% for any amount of Sansar Dollars gifted (to a minimum of S$1). This is in preparation of (eventually) being able to gift objects, to prevent users from circumventing the Store.
  • Store in the client - We're happy to finally port the store within the client! Access the store from the App Launcher to find the latest avatar and scene creation items! Take note, you will still be routed to the store page to purchase the item. Purchasing in the client will follow in a future release.
  • Dance, Sansar, Dance - We know you all love to dance. We're introducing two new dance moves that will turn any experience into a dance floor. Check out /dance3 and /dance4!!
  • Custom event images - Make your event listing stand out by adding custom event images. See Event guidelines for information on the image guidelines.
  • Comfort Zone changes - We've made a few changes to the way the comfort zone works, which includes:
    • In addition to VR mode, the comfort zone will now apply in first person desktop mode.
    • The Comfort Zone will be disabled by default to all incoming new users starting from this release. However, all pre-existing comfort zone settings will still persist.
  • Teleport sound effect - Can't figure out where your friend teleported too? There is now a new teleport sound effect that can be heard by all users.
  • Edit mode updates - We've got a few cool new features for experience creators.
    • Search functionality - A search field is now present to allow you to search for items by name
    • Folders - You can now organize objects into folders and subfolders. You can find this option in the Scene Objects window.
      • Once objects are in a Folder, you can move all of them together simply by selecting the folder. Existing options for Selectability, Visibility and Locking can also be toggled for all objects in a folder.
    • Settings for avatar collision - You can now enable or disable avatar collision behavior for your scenes.
    • Material editor preview - You can now see the changes on the item in your scene as you make changes in the material editor.
    • Updates on the scene object panel
    • New object structure panel - The internal structure that contains a scene objects sub-components will now be visible through a new separate panel called, the Object Structure
    • Inventory readability - We made a few quality of life improvements to make the inventory more readable. Expect a bigger type size and reformatted icons. Expanded the item labels to now show three lines of text
    • Scene settings - post effects and shading posterization effects.
  • Script updates
    • Support for rez scripted objects / JSON API
    • JSON serialization for http scripts
    • see Script API updates for more information.


  • Shopping cart - Enjoy new shopping options with the new shopping cart! Add or delete items from your cart before you check out!


New Articles

Updated Articles

Note: For updates on the Script API documentation, see Script API updates. 


Resolved issues for this Release

  • Accepting a friend request and then relaunching the client while the other user is still online will cause that user to appear offline until they relaunch the client.
  • Avatar thumbnails appear black when customizing an avatar look and then selecting Done without any edits.
  • Certain script error messages fail to be sent to the debug console.
  • Certain textures appear as black in several experiences.
  • Changing an asset's material type may cause Sansar to crash.
  • Chat does not auto-scroll to the latest message if the user is fully caught up with chat history and receives any new messages.
  • Idling in the Character Editor will eventually cause the client to crash.
  • If a user enters a long description that uses a lot of line breaks for an event, several UI elements are pushed off the modal, rendering them unusable. Deleting some of the description text causes them to appear again.
  • If a user selects Host Again for an event they created, the default start date and time is the current day at noon.
  • Removing an item from an avatar in the Character Editor will cause the Updating modal to appear indefinitely. This will require the user to force quit and relaunch the client to continue using it.
  • Sansar crashes when attempting to open the look book.
  • Sansar will crash when an asset is continuously dragged between the scene and the inventory panel.
  • Sending a private message to a friend the user has no private message history with incorrectly displays their avatar name and ID in the Chat app.
  • Sometimes, the script attached to the avatar fails to load, and emotes fail to trigger.
  • The "Remove from Calendar" button does not change to "Add to Calendar" after removing an event has been removed from the calendar.
  • The Experience chat does not show up in the VR chat app.
  • The loading bar does not show what is loaded as it gets closer to 100%.
  • The minimum and maximum values of cube trigger volume are currently .02 - 200. Values smaller or larger than the min and max size do not snap back to the min/max values.
  • Thumbnails generated in the Character Editor are focused on the lower half of the avatar
  • When creating an event in an experience that is set to "Only Me", the event creation flow does not present the user with a warning that the event will only be visible to them and no one else before the event is created.

If you want to know more about the open known issues from this release and previous releases, you can check it out here.

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