The Scene Objects panel

The Scene Objects panel lists every object in your scene. To toggle the Scene Objects panel on or off, choose Scene Objects under Tools while editing a scene.

You can toggle the Scene Objects list on and off by clicking Scene objects under Tools.

Search and filter

You can filter the objects shown in the Scene Objects panel by clicking the dropdown (All types by default) at the top of the panel. You may also search your objects by typing into the Search by name field. To end a search and show all objects again, delete all text from the Search by name field.

Grouping objects into folders

You can move one or more objects into folders for easier organization in the Scene Objects panel. To put objects into a folder:

  1. Select one or more objects (hold Shift to select and de-select multiple objects).
  2. Right-click the object and choose Group into new folder.

You can name the folder immediately by simply typing in the name and pressing Enter. You can rename folder and objects at any time by right-clicking them and choosing Rename

Removing objects from a folder

To remove an object from a folder, right-click it and choose Move to top level.

Cut and paste

You can cut and paste objects between folders by selecting them and choosing Cut and then Paste on the destination folder. If you choose to cut a second time before pasting, the previous cut is canceled.

Object structure

 To view the various components of each object in the Scene Objects panel, right-click an object and choose Object structure. For more information about object components, see Object editing.

Toggle visibility and selectability of objects

You can toggle an object's visibility in the scene by clicking the Show/Hide icon next to its name in the Scene Objects list. If hidden, the object will be invisible in the scene but may still otherwise be moved, rotated, or otherwise manipulated, but cannot be clicked in order to select it.

This feature may be useful if an object in the scene is obscuring your view and making it difficult to work with other objects.

Click the Show/Hide icon to toggle an object's visibility in the scene.

You can disable or enable an object's selectability by clicking the Disable/Enable object selection icon next to its name in the Scene Objects list. If disabled, you will not be able to select the object by clicking on it in the scene.

You may wish to disable an object's selectability if it is obscuring your ability to click on or select another object that is behind or inside it.

Click the Enable/Disable object selection icon to toggle an object's selectability.
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