Script, Snapshot and Share release - August 16, 2018

New Features


  • Screenshot and share - Share a screenshot of your favorite moments while visiting a scene or creating your own experience using the new share functionality on the screenshot tool in the client. All shared screenshots will automatically be uploaded into your user profile for anyone to view through the user profile on web. Viewing is currently not supported yet in-client. 
Find out how.
  • Events update
    • Add to calendar - In the last release, we rolled out the Add to calendar feature on web. Now, we're extending the capability to the Events app within the client. You can now easily save events to your Sansar calendar. However, saving the event to your Google calendar, Apple iCalendar, Yahoo calendar, or Outlook calendar is only available on the website. See how here.
    • The My Events tab in the Events app has been changed to My Calendar.
  • Editing mode improvements
    • Locking persistence - Locked an item in your scene? Previously, locked items would be unlocked when you leave and re-enter a scene via Edit Mode. Now, any locked states will persist between sessions.
    • Scene objects panel enhancements - We have a few exciting updates that will help experience creators manage and work with scene objects.
      • Rename a scene object's name - We've removed the name fields for various scene objects from the properties panel and move the renaming ability on the scene objects panel.
      • New object icons - New object icons attached to each scene objects to help guide you in distinguishing items 
    • Toggle visibility per object - You can toggle an object's visibility in the scene. Find out how
    • Toggle selectability per object -You can disable or enable an object's selectability in the scene. This is useful for when you want to select objects inside or behind something (i.e. lighting within an object). Find out how.
    • Trigger Volume filter - You can now filter by trigger volumes
  • Generate scene reports - You can now generate scene reports in CSV format. The report lists every object in the scene with the following columns:
    • Name
    • Size estimate for download
    • Number of textures
    • Number of triangles
  • Import lights via fbx - In the past, you can only create point lights within Sansar. Now, you can import Point Lights into Sansar with FBX files. You can set the color, intensity, or animate their positions using your favorite digital content creators, which will all translate in Sansar. Once in Sansar, you can still edit the light properties from when the fbx file is within a scene. 

  • Scripting
    • Increased the parameter limit of Scene Object scripts from 10 to 20 parameters. 

    • New simple scripts

    • SimpleDispenser to rez objects

    • SimpleMedia to change the streaming media

    • SimpleObjectReset to reset an object's position

    • See more scripting updates at Script API updates.


  • New store categories - Having a hard time browsing between item types in the store? Check out the all new categories that make it easier to browse between avatar looks and scene creation related items! 


Updated Articles

Note: For updates on the Script API documentation, see Script API updates.

Known Issues

Resolved known issues from previous releases

  • Text from the Nearby chat cannot be copied and pasted.
  • The Atlas looks like it flashes when switching between tabs. 
  • When the Script Console is opened more than once in an experience, the client gets a duplicate set of messages for past and new events. 
  • The people buttons on the People app's search tool fails to update as a user becomes a friend or is unfriended.
  • The locked states of scene objects do not persist between sessions.
  • Building a scene in VR forces the user to save even after the latest edits have been saved.
  • The "Simple Prompt" script modal displays two buttons on it. If one of the buttons contain a long string of text, the text pushes the other button off-screen and makes it impossible to select the other button.
  • Scene objects do not render immediately when dragged into the scene. 
  • A grabbed dynamic object may appear greatly offset from the user's hands when observed by another user in the scene.
  • A scene with objects that contain a volume component that has no or degenerate triangles will cause all other dynamic objects in the scene to fall through the world. 
  • Avatar faces freeze mid-speaking animation if the user stops talking or mutes their mic.
  • Occasionally, dynamic objects do not collide with other objects and may temporarily fall through them for a few seconds, before snapping back to the other objects' surface.
  • Attempting to upload an normal map to an object that has no default roughness will result in an error that does not specify what required texture file is missing.
  • User uploaded 3D models does not let users edit the asset's materials.
  • The My Events tab in the Events app has been changed to My Calendar
  • CannonScript fails to load when a user joins an experience, which could disable avatar emotes.
  • The visibility and selectability of a scene object may stop working after toggling with that specific scene object's components.
  • Items do not initially appear or render in the scene when dragged from the inventory.
  • Script HTTP-out hits cascading failures for unrelated request if previous request contained 'Expect: 100-continue' header.
  • Selecting "build" while editing a scene in VR always throws an "unsaved changes" modal and requires the user to save and continue. This is true even when the user has already saved the edits that they already made.

Known issues for this release

You can view the full known issues list from previous releases here.



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