You Spoke. We Listened. We're Giving you More.

Today we have a big announcement for Sansar, and the future of creating experiences on our platform. The whole team has mulled over this decision for a long time, and at last we have a reached a decision we can now present to you today.


Effective immediately, we are increasing how many experiences users can create:

  • Free users: Increased from 3 to 20 experiences
  • Creator: Increased from 5 to 25 experiences
  • Super-Creator: Increased from 10 to 30 experiences
  • Professional: Increased from 20 to 40 experiences


This is a big change for Sansar, as it’s going to open up a lot of creativity for all of our users. Now there is not only greater freedom to share your experiences with others, but also more room to testing and iterate on ideas before publishing. We’ve seen so much creativity come out of community, and we can’t wait to see even more!


For users that have been our loyal subscribers, we are going to be compensating you with a USD transfer to your US$ Wallet (not your Sansar Dollar Wallet). Depending on how long you have Subscribed to our plans, this amount will be 1 to 2 months of your Subscription level.

This means that if you have been a Subscriber to our Creator, Super Creator or Professional plans for less than one month, you will get one month’s worth of US$ credit at that level (i.e. Creator = $9.99). If you have been a Subscriber for more than one month, you will be given two month’s worth of credit (i.e. Creator = 2 x $9.99).

If you have any questions feel free to bring them to our Product Meetup, at 2pm PDT today at the Zen Garden in Sansar. If you cannot make it to the event, it will be live-streamed to our Twitch channel. You can also submit your queries to the Support Team through this link.

In addition to this week’s Release that added Custom Avatars, HTTP scripting API support, plug-and-play SimpleScripts for anyone to use, as well numerous Edit Mode improvements - it surely has never been a better time to be a creator on Sansar.

Keep Building!

  • The Sansar Team
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  • -1

    Why not cut your losses and start again? Project Sansar isn't salvageable by comparison to the other products on the market.

    You guys would be better off hiring Game Designers with better visions - those already familiar with Second Life would be preferable.

    Speaking as someone who was in the old slack-chat for Alpha/Beta.

  • 0
    Just Me

    Alternatively why not proceed with this engine as it has drawn some very talented people into the light and allowed them to awe users. Don't turn it into a game, add features that give a wider expression of audio and visual senses.

    Give us multi channel audio/visual projectors, the ability to utilise HUDs so that users can hone their experience, link up with their own social networks via the internet. Play media directly off their own PC's through their personal HUD like people do in Real Life. I like to listen to my own songs as I work, it is stimulating, however I don't want to load them onto the internet or have others listen, as this creates a whole list of legal infringements.

    With 20 experiences, I will be able to exhibit so many more of my full scenes (once I work out, or meet someone with scripting knowledge) :)

    Work on giving us the kind of graphics that are shown in the Materials Experience. SL was a blank canvas, it is the users that created the tapestry of what it became, this is going in that general direction, which is a good thing. Anyone wanting template environments, go elsewhere, this is not for you.

  • 2
    Lexi Foley

    Thx Sansar Team !!

    Thanks for all the goodies again! :)


  • 1

    I am thrilled by the new ability to upload custom avatars.   Even though I find the skinning part fairly daunting.  (the skinning that exists in the Sansar Reference skeletons is not usable,  I take it).     Me,  I'd be thrilled if we could just upload our own custom facemaps (PNG bitmaps)  to the existing Sansar avatars.  Just change out their faces easily.

    Edited by rasputin1963
  • 2

    I, for one, am impressed with the rapid pace of development I'm seeing from the Sansar team. Sansar also has my personal favorite flavor of vision behind it, when I look at what else is out there right now.

    From what I've seen, you understand that community is the most important thing, and you've continually gone out of your way to keep your community strong and vibrant.

    Sometimes it seems like all we do in return is to ask for more. I want to take a little break from that and just say: thank you. You're doing great work.


  • -1
    Des Beaumont

    I am not sure who you spoke to since every time I log in Sansar is empty.

    Mind you I have to concede that in the past year I have only logged in twice . Once at the beginning and one more time today and I have to say nothing has changed  except a year ago there was one other person there this time none.

    Still empty , interface still more than basic with very little options , you can add a hundred experiences for free and it will change nothing.

    In fact as long as you ignore the reasons why SL works nothing will change.

    What puzzles me the most is the fact that the creators of Second Life with all the talent you have know absolutely nothing about why their own social platform works ( hint hint ), still works after all these years while every one else had to pack it in.

    Having followed the development of Sansar I wonder was it really so difficult to see that it will be just another Blue Mars.

    Don't get me wrong I really would have loved to see it evolve and share the experience with others , I have been a SL user for over 10 years and thought this would be the next bees knees.

    Sadly in order to make any virtual world work one has to understand first what brings people to a virtual world . I am not a marketing strategist but if I were I would check with my customers first what they want and cater to it rather than tell them what they need bring a product out and then find nobody is interested. Shame so much promise. Well not too late may hap someone sees the light.

    Ill check back in 2020.


  • 0

    I am thrilled by the new ability to upload custom avatars. Even though I find the skinning part fairly daunting.  (the skinning that exists in the Sansar Reference skeletons is not usable.

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