Importing custom avatars

As of July, 2018 it is possible to create custom avatars for Sansar using standardized male and female skeletons. If you have created your own custom avatar using one of the provided avatar skeletons, you may import it to Sansar to either wear or sell in the Sansar Store:

  1. While in Sansar, click Lookbook at the top of the app launcher.
  2. Select one of your looks and click the Customize button.
  3. Click the Avatar tab, which looks like a stylized head avatar_icon.png
  4. Click Add Avatar.
  5. In the Import Avatar Mesh panel that appears:
    • Click Browse to choose a rigged mesh (.fbx) avatar model from your computer.
      • Optionally, click Materials Settings to choose specific shaders and textures for the avatar model.
    • Click Browse to choose a thumbnail image (.png) to represent the avatar in your inventory.
    • Name the item. It is assigned a name based on the object's file name by default.
  6. Click Import to import the custom avatar to your inventory.
  7. You may now wear the avatar by clicking it in your inventory on the Avatars tab, or list it on the Sansar Store by right-clicking the thumbnail and choosing List.



While editing a look, click Add Avatar on the Avatar tab to begin the process of importing a custom avatar.

Import requirements

Some requirements and restrictions are imposed on importing custom avatars. Please make sure that your avatar follows these guidelines:

  • File type - .fbx format is supported for custom avatars.
  • Skeleton - The avatar must use the provided male or female skeleton. See Sansar skeleton and skinning details for full details on the skeleton and file downloads.
  • Store listing guidelines - Following the store listing guidelines is required only if you plan to sell the custom avatar on the store. See Store listing guidelines
  • Triangle count - The triangle count for custom avatars must be less than 40,000.
  • Thumbnail asset - Adding a thumbnail asset upon import is required to list the item in the store. If no thumbnail asset has been added, you must import the item again with an uploaded thumbnail asset. The thumbnail asset must follow the same image guidelines cited in the Store listing guidelines.
  • Proximity to the avatar - Avatar animations must be close to the avatar. All animations must be within the given limits:
    • 2 meters to the left, right, front and back of the avatar
    • 4 meters above the avatar feet
    • 10 centimeters below the avatar feet


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