Optimizing 3D model geometry

Using 3D models allows you to build visually stunning and interactive experiences. It is no surprise that the number of 3D models in a scene can number in the hundreds or even thousands when building complex scenes. Every mesh increases your scene's triangle count and causes more and more stress on the rendering system. While 3D models can help bring life to an experience, they can also be a hindrance to performance when not used properly

As an experience creator or a content creator interested in selling your items in Sansar, it is important to understand what happens when 3D models are imported in Sansar.

Standardize geometry

When 3D models are not created efficiently, they can have a big impact on the experience's overall performance. Standardize geometry is an optional feature in the 3D model import panel that optimizes your object based on its size and triangle count. 

When Standardize geometry is enabled, the system automatically reduces the number of triangles in the 3D model upon import. To do this, the system looks at the bounding box of each mesh of a 3D model separately.

If the density of triangles on the 3D model is relatively appropriate for its size, the system is likely to cull the appropriate amount of triangles. However, if the mesh is small with a high number of triangles, the reduction threshold is much larger. Similarly, if multiple meshes have been combined, the system treats the smaller meshes as one big mesh which may lead to a larger deviation from the original mesh.

Standardize geometry is enabled by default during the import process. Toggle the slider to Don't standardize to disable standardization when importing your 3D model.

Try experimenting and import the same 3D model into Sansar with Standardize geometry enabled and disabled. See for yourself what it could do to an object's triangle count. You can use the object info toolbar to compare the difference between triangle counts. 

Note: We highly encourage keeping your meshes simple. Meshes do not always need to have complex triangles to show details. You can use textures to add details on your mesh. See 3D model import tips.

Importing tiny 3D models 

Sansar is unable to handle small 3D models under 10mm. When 3D models under 10mm are  uploaded in Sansar, they are decimated during the import process and lose their structure. Please make sure to import objects larger than 10mm to avoid non-ideal geometric shapes. 

Testing triangle density

There are a few tools available to help you optimize your scene:

  • The object info toolbar is a utility for displaying information about selected objects in a Scene. It is useful for providing information about the triangle count of one or several selected scene objects. 
  • The diagnostics toolbar is a utility for displaying information about the performance of Sansar. It is useful for measuring graphical performance, which can help you make informed decisions about how to improve performance in your scenes.




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