Know thy Neighbor - Profiles and Buttons! [Release Update]

Its a good thing to Know Thy Neighbor, now that’s easier than ever in Sansar with our new profile pages!

Adding friends and finding their experiences has never been easier, and experiences just got more creative with our Object Interaction scripting API (Buttons!).

Objection Interaction Through Scripts

Buttons are so satisfying. You click them them and something happens. You can press several and several things happen! We think buttons are so great, we’re making sure everyone in Sansar, both in PC and VR mode gets to use them.

What Object Interaction Through Scripts means is that you can click on an Object in Sansar - by clicking with your left mouse in PC mode, or with your trigger in VR - and that “click” will press a “button”.

Just like a light switch!

When you see an object in Sansar that you can pick up (a “dynamic” object) it appears with a blue outline and tint. After this release, if that tint and outline are green, then the object is interactable.

Beyond a simple button, this interactable script API can allow for things like text, click count requirements and more.

In this example, an object displays a text when interacted with, and after 10 clicks the object can be picked up.

We’re really excited to release this API and we can’t wait to see how creative the community can get with it.

Tutorials for VR and PC mode

In this release we’re launching version one of our improvements to new user onboarding. This will start with an introduction to the controls for new users, both in PC and VR mode, after they complete their first time avatar creation.

This is the beginning of a better new user onboarding process that we hope to build upon.

User Profiles

All users now have their own profile page!

These can be found by navigating to the “People” app and to an individual user, or by clicking on the creator name of an experience.

This first version of user profiles will include your Avatar Name & ID and bio you can write yourself. You can also change your profile pic by choosing a look from your lookbook.



In addition, profiles will also show all of your published experiences and link to your store listings on, if you have any items on the store.


From a user’s profile, you can also Send and Approve friend requests, Direct Message them (if they are a friend) and Report a user if necessary. Reporting a user will take you to a webpage and ask you to fill out a report form, as per our current reporting process.

Once you click on a user’s experience, from their profile, you will be able to Visit that experience, add it to your Favorites and scroll through their full list of experiences. You can also get a direct URL link to that experience that you can share in chat, for users to travel to that experience at the click of a button.



We’re going to keep developing user profiles and adding more features to them in time. We think is a big step towards better connecting users in Sansar, as well as making it easier to find their creations.

Labyrinth Contest

On a final note, don’t forget that our Labyrinth Contest is still ongoing!

Submit your best Maze/Labyrinth/Escape Room-like experience by the deadline being of June 17th 5pm PDT to be in with a chance on winning $5000 USD.

To submit your experience, simply published it before the deadline and fill out this form.

Good luck!


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