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Everyone in Sansar has a user profile, a one page overview of their Sansar identity that includes their avatar name and ID, a brief autobiography, a link to their Sansar Store, and links to any experiences they have listed in the Atlas. You can also use someone's profile to add them as a friend, send them a message, or report them for inappropriate behavior or content.

Viewing a profile

In Sansar

To view someone's profile in Sansar:

  1. Open the People app.
  2. On any tab of the People app, select someone's name to show interaction options.
  3. Click the Profile button under the person's name to open their profile within the People app.
Click the Profile button in the People app to open someone's profile.

Elements of the profile

While viewing a profile, you may notice the following elements:

  • Portrait - A picture of the person's avatar.
  • Mute button - Represented by a microphone icon over the portrait; click to mute or unmute this person.
  • Avatar name - The person's current Avatar Name.
  • Avatar ID - The person's permanent Avatar ID.
  • Bio - A short autobiography that this person has written about themselves. If they have not filled out this section, it does not appear.
  • Message - Send a message to this person. Available only if you are friends.
  • Friend or Unfriend - Click to either request or end friendship.
  • Report - Report this person for inappropriate content or behavior. Opens the reporting interface on the Sansar website.
  • Store items - Lists the number of items this person has listed in the Sansar Store. Click See All to visit their store on the Sansar website. If the person has no items listed, this section does not appear.
  • Experiences - Lists experiences this person has listed in the Atlas. Click an experience's thumbnail to open its Atlas listing. If the person has no experiences listed, this section does not appear.
Viewing a profile. This person has not filled out their Bio section, so it does not appear.

On the web

It is possible to view a web-based version of someone's profile while browsing the Sansar Store or the Atlas with your web browser. The web profile provides the user's:

  • Avatar name and ID
  • Bio (if provided)
  • Store listings
  • Shared snapshots (captured using the Screenshot app)
  • Experience listings
  • Add or remove friendship

While browsing the Atlas or viewing a specific item listing in the Sansar Store, you can:

  • Hover your mouse over the creator's name for a pop-up with abridged profile information. You can click the creator's name in this pop-up to visit their full profile on the web.
  • Click the creator's name to visit the web-based version of their profile.
Note: If you click a creator's name in the Sansar Store's search results, you are instead taken to the creator's store page. You must view a specific listing in order to access the creator's profile page.
When hovering your mouse over a creator's name in the Atlas or a Store listing, an abridged version of their profile appears.

Editing your profile

To begin editing your profile in Sansar, select More options > Edit Profile from the App launcher. This opens your profile for editing. At this time, you may change your portrait and add a brief bio about yourself. Store and Atlas listings are added automatically based on your published listings.

Note: You may only edit your profile while in Sansar; you cannot currently edit your profile using the Sansar website.
Click More options > Edit Profile to begin editing your profile.

Changing your portrait

To change your portrait while editing your profile:

  1. Click the Edit button that appears over your existing portrait.
  2. Choose one of the available thumbnails to represent you in your profile. The thumbnails are generated automatically based on the looks you have saved in the Lookbook. See Customizing your avatar for more info on creating looks for yourself.
  3. Click Use to finalize your choice.
  4. Click Save to publish the changes you have made to your profile.

Adding a biography

To add a brief autobiography while editing your profile, enter some text into the Bio section. This text is saved when you finish editing your profile and click the Save button.

Editing a user profile.
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