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Greetings, traveler!

Perhaps you would be willing to help an old man. You see, my magic necklace that protects me from the evil spirits has fallen down this well, into the ruins of an abandoned, and not at all haunted temple.

Could you fetch it for me? I promise you the journey will be…exciting!


Labyrinths, Mazes and Dungeons have long since trapped a wayward adventurer. Some travelers do see their trial through to the end, and even find freedom once again! But the task is difficult, and the path is not always clear...

For this contest, we are challenging you to build a Labyrinth experience in Sansar.

You can submit your experience to the contest here.



If you're new to Sansar you can create an account here

This does not have to be a Maze or Labyrinth in the very literal sense where they are bound by their real-world distinctions (e.g. a Labyrinth being a continuous path, a Maze being made up of branching paths with many dead-ends). You can be creative and adventurous in the path you put before these wayward Avatars. Interactivity and mind-bending brain teasers will be prized highly.

However these experiences do have to meet certain criteria to qualify for this contest:

  • The goal of the experience should be for a user’s Avatar to get from Point A to Point B
  • The user must complete some form of “challenge” or puzzle in order to reach Point B
    • This challenge can be a Maze, a nebulous branching pathway, a series of puzzles etc.
  • It should be clear when a user has successfully reached Point B, after having completed the “challenge”.

For a good Labyrinth experience we recommend the following:

  • A sense of wonder and exploration
  • That “A-ha!” moment for beating a good “brain-teaser”, when the “challenge” is complete
  • A creative use of Sansar that pushes the boundaries of what the platform can do
  • The subversion of a user’s expectations


The experiences submitted to this contest will be judged on Complexity, Creativity, Interactivity, and Enjoyment by a panel of Sansar staff.

We want to see experiences that are recognizably a Maze or Labyrinth to the average person, but that get creative with the “challenge” portion of the experience. We especially want to see experiences that amaze and delight users, without being too easy.

There will be one Grand Prize winner, followed by 2nd & 3rd place:

  • Grand Prize - $5,000
  • 2nd Place - 1 year subscription to a 3D modeling tool: Maya or Zbrush, winner’s choice!
  • 3rd Place - A VR headset (Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch)


The deadline to submit your experience by 5:00pm PDT on Sunday 17th June 2018.


To submit your entry to the contest, please fill out this form. Only entries submitted to this form before the deadline be accepted.

While there are no limits to the number of entries a user can submit, each entry must be created after the start date and time of this contest (no pre-existing experiences) and every entry must be published before the deadline.


For the detailed terms and conditions of this contest, please follow this link.


Good luck dungeon crawlers and labyrinth travelers. May your wits and cunning guide you to freedom once more.





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